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Time to Get What You Deserve

Posted by on Jul 25, 2017 in discussion, Encouragement | 2 comments

Most people wouldn’t have known it from the outside, but for several months, I found myself eaten up inside. I was still functional, but it felt like I was spiraling. Still loved God. Still served Him and...

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When Do You Overcome Temptation?

Posted by on Jul 20, 2017 in discussion, Encouragement | 6 comments

Had some technical difficulties earlier in the week, but if you’re seeing this now, they’ve been resolved! This was supposed to go out on Tuesday, but here we are… Thanks for being part of the...

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Value Every Encounter

Posted by on Jul 13, 2017 in discussion, Encouragement | 10 comments

When kids are small, they have some trouble deciphering the value of money....

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What the Church is Not

Posted by on Jul 11, 2017 in discussion, Encouragement, impact | 6 comments

As a leader in a local church, I think about our congregation as well as the...

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Is Freedom Hard to Find?

Posted by on Jul 6, 2017 in discussion, Encouragement | 8 comments

Continuing our theme of freedom this week, I want to ask you a question. What...

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Prayer on Independence Day

Posted by on Jul 4, 2017 in challenge, Encouragement | 6 comments

Today in the U.S., we celebrate our Independence Day in what are certainly...

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The Dangers of Not Writing Your Own Story

Posted by on Jun 29, 2017 in discussion, Encouragement | 12 comments

My wife, knowing my love for writing, got me this little picture for some...

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