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3 Benefits of Finding Your Rhythm

I’ve been running/jogging for several years now, and one thing I still marvel at is how finding a rhythm enhances everything about this exercise. Just yesterday, I found myself tired and wondering if I’d make my full workout until I found the rhythm I had been missing.

My breathing, my stride, my arms–everything came together and the difference was incredible.

The same is true for our lives. There is a work/rest rhythm. There is a family rhythm, a marriage rhythm, and all kinds of rhythms for every aspect of our lives. You need to find and maintain this rhythm because otherwise you’ll become lethargic, tired, burned out, and/or want to give up.

You don’t want to flail through life at breakneck speeds, staying busy. You want to finish the race with confidence.

finishlineDon’t delay. If you’ve lost it or never found it, get your rhythm today. It’s that important!

1. Rhythm brings focus

It takes concentration to find a rhythm (in other words, it’s not automatic), but once you do, your focus is increased. You can see more clearly what’s around and what’s ahead. You can anticipate obstacles or react quickly when needed. Without rhythm in your life, you miss opportunities because you get so wrapped up in your feelings of being overwhelmed, tired, or too busy. You may be moving fast, but you’re not seeing as clearly as you need to.

2. Rhythm enhances efficiency

I found in my running yesterday that as I synced my breathing and the movement of my body, I was actually able to go faster and push harder. Sometimes in work or other endeavors, you forget that those mental shifts that get you into a real rhythm are what will propel you into the creativity you need. You worry about pushing harder, but as long as that’s your focus, your rhythm will suffer. Bringing everything into proper alignment (that which is prescribed by the word of God) will release us into a new level of potential. It’s still hard work, but you see the progress and it carries you on.

3. Rhythm makes you happy

I know running is not everyone’s thing, but I’m sure you can relate to finding a rhythm for your family life, work, devotional time, etc. that increases your sense of fulfillment and happiness. As you have and maintain focus, as you become more efficient–you can’t help but feel the joy of accomplishment. It’s not pride to see you’re making progress. We are to give thanks in all things, after all! Nobody likes feeling rundown and overwhelmed. You may still have more on your plate than you know what to do with, but finding your rhythm will give you enough boost to maintain perspective and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your turn! Do you feel you have rhythm in your life? How did you get it? How do you maintain it? What are some other benefits to living in a rhythm?


  1. I cannot tell you how many times I have been cycling and wondering why I chose to ride that day and second, if I had the energy to make it home. Then…I find my rhythm. Oh talk about a sweet ride. The calibration is right. The breathing is right. The focus is right. The ride is right. what a beautiful example you use here, Jason, for following Jesus. Thanks.
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted..RevolutionMy Profile

    • Makes all the difference, doesn’t it?! Thank you, Bill.

  2. The timing of this post is pretty crazy. I was just confessing to a friend how my life has been out of whack recently because I have fallen out of rhythm. Added stresses and crises have taken me away from some of my regular habits/disciplines, and has had a ripple effect. I’m reminded to start with the basics, to make sure I’m staying plugged into my healthy patterns and practices and not finding excuses to put them off any longer.
    Stephen recently posted..Man SpeakMy Profile

    • Wow, Stephen! I love those confirmations that God’s speaking me and speaking to others the same things. It’s so easy to get things out of whack and we justify ourselves. Like you said, we have to take stock and get back in the rhythm of His life and grace. Thanks Stephen.

  3. Life is all about rhythms, starting with our heartbeats. Music is a simple way of feeling it, but it does reach all parts of our lives and requires effort to match the rhythm inside us and others. It takes effort to find harmony, but I believe that what finding our rhythms are. Not just physical rhythms, but the most important one, harmony with our Father. “Draw night unto me and I will draw nigh unto you.”

    • Absolutely. Loud “amen” on this, Floyd! Thank you.

    • Your point about all of life being a rhythm is one I hadn’t thought of but that makes this idea of finding your rhythm even more clear to me. Finding our rhythm is like finding our natural state of balance.
      Kari Scare recently posted..The Importance of StructureMy Profile

      • Yes! Balance comes in the rhythm! Thank you, Kari.

  4. I have a rhythm that is continually interrupted, which becomes another rhythm. It is irregular at times, but works for me.
    seekingpastor recently posted..When Jackie Chan DiesMy Profile

    • If it works then it works! Thank you, Matt.

  5. I just started working out again today! I think I’m going to be SORE tomorrow!

    As for a rhythm in my life…seems like lately I’ve been “out of alignment”. I hoped a vacation would helped but the problems just followed me there and back. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time away. It was a blessed relief from God my family needed. But now we must face some tough decisions. God is with us. It’s all okay. Just in a period of “delayed” answers as we struggle to find the new rhythm God has for us.

    • Good for you! Getting healthy is quite the commitment, for sure! And I know what you mean about things following us. It would be nice if everything would just go away until we’re ready to deal with it, but it never works that way. God is certainly with you, as you said. Praying with you, TC. Blessings.

  6. Sometimes, yes I feel like I have rhythm in my life. Occasionally, it’s all of life that flows in a rhythm of rhythms. More often, it’s one or two areas of life that have rhythm while the others don’t. Sometimes, no area does. I kind of equate it to balance. Not sure if they are the same or just work intricately together. I get balance by pursuing simplicity and balance, by choosing not to be too busy and overwhelmed. I maintain it by constantly looking at those elements in my life and by listening to accountability people. Benefits of living in rhythm include not being too busy, not being overwhelmed, and by having margin. You have given me a topic I think I’ll pursue in my own writing. It’s a good one, and I like the idea of incorporating rhythm into balance, which I hadn’t really thought about before.
    Kari Scare recently posted..The Importance of StructureMy Profile

    • I think what you’re describing is very natural and necessary. We’ll never be completely balanced this side of heaven, but we can find His rhythm. Sometimes my time is focused more on one area and sometimes others. Finding the rhythm helps us not feel guilty about that and realize it’s best. Anyway, those are my thoughts on it! Thanks Kari.

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