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4 Ways to Overcome Communication Barriers

Though most people may not understand the mechanics of it, we see what Really Simple Syndication (aka RSS) does–we subscribe and it brings new posts from our favorite blogs to us.

As a person who runs multiple websites, this is an incredible feature to help push the content I want to share to the people who want to read it.

Recently, I found out the RSS feed for my music ministry site was wrong. There’s an email option that sends out to everyone who subscribes by that means the morning after I post, but I recently updated and found out that the last several posts had not been pushed out.

I thought I was communicating with those who subscribed to my posts, but I wasn’t.

Successful communication is the foundation of our relationships, but it’s not automatic. A few faith lessons jumped out at me as I considered this.

  • You need to thank God sometimes when things go wrong because it shows the problem. That hiccup or speed bump or whatever you want to call it has a real purpose and God can certainly use it to correct the issues. God allows things to be exposed so that His grace can overcome them. (James 1:2-3)
  • It’s important to watch for issues, otherwise, problems remain hidden and persist. Life is so much easier when we’re observant and present. Issues can be resolved before they become blowouts or have major impact. The only way to fully do this though is to rely on the Holy Spirit. (Proverbs 4:23)
  • You may think you’re communicating well, but no one’s getting the message. This happens because we get too busy, self-absorbed, refuse to see others’ perspectives, etc. You may be laying it all out there, but there’s a kink in the hose. (Galatians 6:2)
  • You can’t fix the problem except by fixing the problem. I know that sounds fairly ridiculous, but here’s what I mean. I couldn’t pray hard enough to fix this. I couldn’t blame it away. I couldn’t shout it away. The means of communication were down and that was where the problem had to be fixed. We are often excellent at fixing problems that don’t exist or trying to combat symptoms of bigger issues. (Matthew 23:25)

Those are some of my ideas on keeping communication flowing–what works for you?

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  1. Jason, I’m sure I told you this before, but your CD “O God of Our Fathers, Vol. 1” has really blessed me! (I just wanted to make sure I communicated that! 🙂 )

    • 🙂 Aww, thank you so much, Helen!

  2. Good stuff, Jason. I especially like the 4th point you make. Blaming, shouting, and yes even praying can be the inappropriate thing to do when used as excuses.

    “We are often excellent at fixing problems that don’t exist or trying to combat symptoms of bigger issues.” -- have you been following me lately?????

    • Thanks Scott. And no, I’ve been following me lately. 🙂

  3. Your first bullet is some fantastic advice for living.

    Some passages in James 1 and 1 Peter 1 come to mind… something about how we grow and strengthen our faith through the trials of life…

    • God didn’t send them, but He sure will use them! Thanks Dusty.

  4. Great thoughts Jason. To go along with your #4: problems won’t fix themselves either. Unless we get involved in the problem-solving of the communication problem, it will persist. Well done list Jason. Thanks.

    • This is true. Patience is good, but waiting until it all goes away is bad, bad, bad (speaking from experience). Thanks Bill.

  5. I love your first point. God is using a problem to search my heart right now. I hope to get to a better place as He purifies my life.

    • I understand--only way to get to His best is to hang tight to Him. Thanks Tiffany.


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