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5 More Things I Just Don’t Get

This has sort of been an “off” week for me. I don’t know if it has to do with Monday’s holiday or what, but I have had lots of trouble getting fully on track. I’m sure you’ve never, ever felt like that before (and I’m an outcast crazy).

As I try to compose myself, I offer you a silly little piece of fluff today that I hope will bring you a smile. And since Katdish was serious in her post today (go read it if you haven’t), I am contractually obligated to fill the void of random weirdness.

Here it goes—5 more things I don’t get (if you missed my first entry in this life-changing series, click here). Also check out Proverbs 30:18-19 if you’d like a scriptural reference for the wisdom I’m dropping.

  1. Multi-level marketing (MLM)—I admit I’ve dabbled before in this “industry,” but who is making money off of this? Vitamins, cell phones, travel—you name it and there’s an MLM program waiting on you to turn 5 minutes a day into millions. I wrote this on Twitter recently and the question still stands, “if MLM is so great and easy, why don’t all those people they show in the recruiting video working in the headquarters ‘fire their boss’ and use the system?”
  2. The astronomical price of mattresses—I went to price one the other day and it is absolutely ridiculous. The cheapest is around $1000 and some were closer to $3400. Sometimes the materials are expensive and sometimes the craftsmanship makes it worth it, I see no reason a bed should cost me enough that my kids won’t be able to go to college. The bed cartel know that your back pain from the worn out mattress will make you cave eventually and they just wait—they’ve got nothing but time (and I picture the CEO stroking a white cat like a James Bond villain).
  3. The seemingly limitless imagination of Pixar—I can’t wait to see Up, the new movie from Pixar coming soon to a theater near you. There are some of their movies I like better than others for sure, but the quality and heart that is evident in each one stands apart. Anyone else ready to see their new one?
  4. Why anyone would watch the National Spelling Bee (unless your child was in it…and even then)—if I were ever to watch this, here’s how it would probably go down, “Hmmm, it’s a repeat on the paint-drying channel. My favorite already lost in the semi-finals of the live Chess tournament on ESPN 32. Oh honey, look! The National Spelling Bee is on—how exciting!”
  5. Why tweens have such bad taste in entertainment—have you seen Nickelodeon? Have you watched any of the Disney Channel shows? I realize I’m not their target audience, but when did this age group become so powerful? I blame the Olsen twins. In fact, whenever in doubt, blame the Olsen twins.

There you go—hope you enjoyed this. Now it’s your turn. What do you not get today or can you explain to me one of mine?

I’m all ears (an expression that is very bizarre if you visualize it). Okay… Go!

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