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5 Things I Don’t Get: Laughter Edition

I cannot believe that I have so neglected something this important. Not since I was a child and I rescued a box turtle from the street only to forget to feed him (sorry, Walter!) have I been this embarrassed by my pitiful remembering.

Here’s my confession: I have not written a 5 Things I Don’t Get post since January of this year. I do remind you, let he without sin pass the first stone. I’m pretty sure that’s what Jesus said. (for more in this “series” and I use the term loosely–click here)

Today, there is a blog carnival going on over at Bridget Chumbley’s where the topic is laughter. I tried to think of something profound to say on the subject, but kept being distracted by all the giggling in my brain. You see, I don’t know why I laugh at what I laugh at, but I do love to laugh.

It just so happens that nine times out of ten, it can be labeled “inappropriate” or “bizarre.” I choose not to dwell on labels though. Anyway, here are 5 things that make me laugh, but I don’t get why they make me laugh, they just do so quit harassing me (this would have been a stronger title in my opinion).

  1. Farts, poop, pee– okay, bodily functions and body parts. I’d love to pretend I have an evolved sense of humor, but I don’t sit around guffawing over cartoons in the New Yorker. I do love the subtle and sublime, but more often than not, if someone accidently lets one rip, you’ll find me on the floor. Here’s a recent example: My wife and I were working on putting down new flooring (laminate) and our 9-year-old son was helping. She handed us a marked piece to take to the saw out back. “I need you to cut the butt off this end,” at which point my son and I without even looking at each other burst into laughter. Tremendous.
  2. Will Ferrell Movies. Okay so given #1 this probably makes a little bit of sense. I know he plays essentially the same character in every movie (with slight variations), but I still find it funny every time. I even enjoyed moments of Land of the Lost (yeah, I know). Now maybe when he’s 80 years old, playing a slightly moronic yelling man-child, the magic may be… ahh, who am I kidding, I’ll still be laughing.
  3. My Twitter Buddies. It somehow happens. It starts out innocently enough, then explodes into something else all together. As a nasally voice once sang, “it’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right” and yes, I’ve had the time of my life. I’ve been privy to conversations concerning lunch meat hymns, zombie war cries, Big Poppas, and the occasional double entendre (with the occasional triple entendre, not easy to pull off). We have serious conversations too and pray for one another. We encourage and uplift, but in my humble opinion, it is this well-rounded relationship that makes the well-placed “TWSS” all the sweeter. (And I do realize there are at least 5 different places in this paragraph to apply TWSS).
  4. Snarky clip shows. I have tried not to, but I just can’t get away from the sarcastic snark of shows like The Soup and Tosh.0. There are sitcoms I like too, but these just make me laugh over and over. The hilarity of ‘reality show clip time.’ The genius of the ‘web redemption.’ I can’t heartily recommend these shows (and honestly I have had to change the channel before), but I still laugh every time.
  5. Signing up for to stay connected to this blog. Do you really want to see me chuckle? Then sign up for RSS updates or email updates! Want to make me ROFL? Become a part of the community through Google connect in the sidebar or follow this blog through Facebook. I mean, this is the surest way to… Okay, I’m going to level with you. It’s not so much funny, but it will make me smile a lot so please do it (pretty please with cherries on top). 🙂

Well, that’s the short list of some things that make me laugh and I’m not totally sure why. There are probably hundreds of other things I could think of, but I’m tired and I may have scared you away from ever returning to this blog.

Don’t leave yet though! It’s your turn. Tell us something that makes you laugh even though you don’t totally get why. Is it a movie? A TV show? Is it a friend or loved one?

Spill the beans (then kindly clean them up, I don’t need another mess around here). Okay, what are you waiting for?


  1. Okay, I was at a family party. We were talking about me looking for a job, and my cousin’s wife says “You need to find a way to get your leg up on the competition.” I sprayed diet pop from my nose and mouth, all over my shirt. Instead of apologizing, I said “That’s what SHE said…”. I have the rep of being the conservative in the family. I’m slowly losing it. TWSS. Okay. I think I’m done. TWSS….
    Helen recently posted..Have Fun!!! Happy Saturday!My Profile

    • Helen, I know from experience that the quieter you are the more conservative you appear. That’s not always the case. 🙂 That story is just amazing! Love it.

  2. I laugh a lot. I am married to a very funny man and I love to laugh.
    Oh, and anyone who says they don’t laugh at #1… they are lying. 🙂
    Deb recently kind of business tripMy Profile

    • Thank you, Deb. I had my suspicions about that as well. 🙂

  3. Jason: I laugh easily and quickly. But nothing makes me laugh harder at this stage of my life than my grandson. He keeps me on my toes (will be 4 in october) with activity but what he says sometimes has been ROFL so hard it hurts.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted..Did You Say WaitMy Profile

    • Oh, I know! Kids are amazing and hilarious (especially when they’re not trying to be funny). When they get to laughing too you just get swept up in it. Thanks Bill.

  4. Hmm, yes, #2 totally explained #1.

    Something odd that makes me laugh? See #1 above.
    Glynn recently posted..Did Jesus LaughMy Profile

    • Don’t worry, Glynn. Your secret is safe with me. 🙂

  5. Yeppers. What makes you laugh is pretty much what makes me laugh. I often wonder what makes others laugh, and I tend to unfairly (?) judge people by whether or not they “get” The Office. I mean, seriously--what’s not to get? That show is golden.
    katdish recently posted..The fear of letting go by Billy CoffeyMy Profile

    • I hadn’t thought of using The Office as a measuring stick, but it makes sense! You’re a genius, Katdish (and I’m not just saying that because you agree with me on what’s funny).

  6. I laugh at lots of things, like…

    1. Monty Python

    2. My own jokes (yes, I know that sad)

    3. Dubs: My family will turn on a foreign speaking cable channel, turn the sound down and make up the dialogue.

    4. My daughter Becky (for example)

    Becky: I don’t want to go into that church.
    Me: Why?
    Becky: We might explode!

    5. “Bad Sheep” of course!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..Saturday Evening Re-PostMy Profile

    • Ah yes, we are very similar, Jay! I’ve never played ‘dubs’ as a game at home, but I may have to try that. Sounds great!

  7. There is a lot that makes me laugh. You for instance. Really! That #1. I love that. I don’t know any Will Ferrell movies and I’m not on Twitter and I don’t know those snarky clip shows but I’m here and it makes me smile and laugh many times. Thanks for making me laugh.

    My neighbours kid makes me laugh. He is so cute. My mum and I always laughed for nothing. Well, that’s what everyone thought but we knew better. I mean “nothing” is “something” when you laugh at it. Or does that only make sense to me? It doesn’t matter because it makes me laugh. I laugh without ending when I go shopping the whole day with my friends and at the end I’m so tired whatever they say makes me laugh and at that same time I ALWAYS have to pee. The problem is when I laugh I can’t move so I can’t go pee but that makes me laugh again. And the fun part is they don’t know why I laugh and they have to laugh too. Then they ask me why I laughed and I ask them why they laughed. They say “because you were laughing”. I can’t answer their questions anymore because I’m laughing again. Oh stop it. Just stop it there. I know it sounds stupid but that’s me. Another memory just popped up but I’m not going to share here. Thanks for this. You made me smile. 😀

    • Doesn’t sound stupid at all- sounds great! I do know what you mean about laughing at the nothing that is really a something. 🙂 So glad you smiled and laughed today here, Ani! That makes me happy!

  8. i enjoy a good laugh as well and was even able to laugh after dropping my cell phone in the toilet the other day. BEFORE the royal flush. after disinfecting it and my hands(THOROUGHLY) i still couldn’t stand the thought of putting it up to my ear. also, i know you have a great sense of humor because of your podcasts. one in particular comes to mind because somebody let one rip that i could hear. you and the congregation roared with laughter. i refer to farts as being “barking spiders.”

    • This just made me laugh! 😀 Oh, I love this post.

    • The cell phone thing. Yeah, I could not ever, ever, EVER put that to my ear again. Yikes! And ‘barking spiders’ -that’s funny. 🙂

  9. Oh, Jason. *sigh* You’re such a GUY!

    What makes me laugh? So, I guess this is a safe place to admit that I’m a hopeless klutz. What else can you call the girl that has fallen off of her porch (without the assistance of others) three times? And typically, after I get over that moment of being totally stunned that yes, I have fallen again, I laugh uncontrollably.

    Another confession? One of my nervous habits is hysterically giggling. Don’t believe me? Ask Wendy. When she asks me a question that I don’t know how to answer, I fall back into the hysterical giggle. Which is normally okay, but when it’s a serious question, I’m sure it’s a little off-putting for a person to be answered by a slightly hysterical giggle.

    And since Helen shared a funny family story, I suppose I can share one, too. When I was 18 years old, I was dating the cutest guy and I brought him to a family cook-out to show him off. (Okay, let’s be real. That’s totally why I brought him!) When we got ready to eat, my Granddaddy called everybody over and said, “Let’s join hands and ask the blessing.” One of my aunts responded with, “Do we have to? That means I have to put my beer down!” Everybody laughed, but I was a little more than mortified, and my aunt still gets teased about that. And it just goes to show that you can pick your friends, but you’re stuck with your relatives!
    Sarah Salter recently posted..Quitter- A RepostMy Profile

    • Here’s what you do, Sarah. Set up a security camera somewhere on your porch, record everything, then when you fall off the porch again (sounds like a definite ‘when’) then you upload the video and become an internet sensation! I know this is what you long for. 🙂

      Also the family story is great!

    • I love it. It beats my drunken toast story…
      Helen recently posted..Have Fun!!! Happy Saturday!My Profile

  10. Ok…Alaska is going to be dangerous… My wife’s entire family finds immense pleasure and laughter with #1. I don’t get #2, but that’s ok.

    Probably the most laughter for me comes from just watching children and some of the things they say.
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..Attitude AdjustmentMy Profile

    • You can’t go wrong with kids, Dusty! Just don’t look down on us who crack up at a well-timed poop joke. 🙂

  11. btw….Jason. i’m not positively sure it was a barking spider that i heard in that podcast. it could have been a belch i suppose. they sound a lot alike in a recording. the only ones that know/knew would be the ones in closest proximity to whoever it was. then i wondered if it was the day you were thirsty. as i recall two people delivered you a glass of water…

    and we have ordered new cell phones and will be eliminating the home phone system.

    • I wish I could remember the incident! It was probably a kid- they’re always good for such things! We’ve thought about eliminating our home phone- you’ll have to tell me how it goes. Thanks Bud.

  12. I hate to admit this, but I seriously laugh at the gerbils/hamsters/guineapigs/whatever in scion commercials….

    Also, I think Sonic commercials are absolutely hilarious -- I know I laugh way too hard for them, but I can’t help it.

    Ad, Johnny and Chachi -- they are the stars in a series of commercial sermon videos… you fotta see their stuff… here is a link to their search:
    herbhalstead recently posted..kingdomexperiment6My Profile

    • I happen to like those commercials too and I’ll check out the sermon videos. Sound great! Thanks Herb.

  13. Okay, so I saw the word poop and started laughing. My boss asked why I was laughing and I said, “I’m reading a Christian blog that says poop.”
    I too am constantly laughing at bodily noises. Random story, my son told my mother in law that we were toot men because we always toot. Thanks for the laugh bro.
    Michael recently posted..Meeting My NeighborMy Profile

    • This is definitely a multi-purpose blog with a full range of vocabulary! 🙂

      That’s some good deduction and reasoning by your son too. I know a lot of us who would fall under that category!

  14. # 5 is just shameless promotion.. but it made me laugh indeed!!

    Also.. there is something about men and bathroom humour that I just don’t quite understand.. but it’s nice to watch y’all smiling!

    • Yeah, I know, but I find shameful promotion to be so awkward so I just go for the shameless. 🙂

      I don’t know what to tell you, Karin. Moms make such a big deal when we poop and pee in the potty and some of us just never get over it!

  15. I laugh at my own jokes. Yes, it’s pitiful, but before I even get to the punch line, I’m already rolling on the floor. So, if we ever meet one day and you see me on the ground, just be kind enough to step over me and say, “good one!”.

    It’ll make my day.

    • I’m terrible at telling jokes! I usually skip parts and then try to come back- so awkward. So I will never judge you on your joke-telling skills, Bonnie! I promise. 🙂


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