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5 Things I Don’t Get: Laughter Edition

I cannot believe that I have so neglected something this important. Not since I was a child and I rescued a box turtle from the street only to forget to feed him (sorry, Walter!) have I been this embarrassed by my pitiful remembering.

Here’s my confession: I have not written a 5 Things I Don’t Get post since January of this year. I do remind you, let he without sin pass the first stone. I’m pretty sure that’s what Jesus said. (for more in this “series” and I use the term loosely–click here)

Today, there is a blog carnival going on over at Bridget Chumbley’s where the topic is laughter. I tried to think of something profound to say on the subject, but kept being distracted by all the giggling in my brain. You see, I don’t know why I laugh at what I laugh at, but I do love to laugh.

It just so happens that nine times out of ten, it can be labeled “inappropriate” or “bizarre.” I choose not to dwell on labels though. Anyway, here are 5 things that make me laugh, but I don’t get why they make me laugh, they just do so quit harassing me (this would have been a stronger title in my opinion).

  1. Farts, poop, pee– okay, bodily functions and body parts. I’d love to pretend I have an evolved sense of humor, but I don’t sit around guffawing over cartoons in the New Yorker. I do love the subtle and sublime, but more often than not, if someone accidently lets one rip, you’ll find me on the floor. Here’s a recent example: My wife and I were working on putting down new flooring (laminate) and our 9-year-old son was helping. She handed us a marked piece to take to the saw out back. “I need you to cut the butt off this end,” at which point my son and I without even looking at each other burst into laughter. Tremendous.
  2. Will Ferrell Movies. Okay so given #1 this probably makes a little bit of sense. I know he plays essentially the same character in every movie (with slight variations), but I still find it funny every time. I even enjoyed moments of Land of the Lost (yeah, I know). Now maybe when he’s 80 years old, playing a slightly moronic yelling man-child, the magic may be… ahh, who am I kidding, I’ll still be laughing.
  3. My Twitter Buddies. It somehow happens. It starts out innocently enough, then explodes into something else all together. As a nasally voice once sang, “it’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right” and yes, I’ve had the time of my life. I’ve been privy to conversations concerning lunch meat hymns, zombie war cries, Big Poppas, and the occasional double entendre (with the occasional triple entendre, not easy to pull off). We have serious conversations too and pray for one another. We encourage and uplift, but in my humble opinion, it is this well-rounded relationship that makes the well-placed “TWSS” all the sweeter. (And I do realize there are at least 5 different places in this paragraph to apply TWSS).
  4. Snarky clip shows. I have tried not to, but I just can’t get away from the sarcastic snark of shows like The Soup and Tosh.0. There are sitcoms I like too, but these just make me laugh over and over. The hilarity of ‘reality show clip time.’ The genius of the ‘web redemption.’ I can’t heartily recommend these shows (and honestly I have had to change the channel before), but I still laugh every time.
  5. Signing up for to stay connected to this blog. Do you really want to see me chuckle? Then sign up for RSS updates or email updates! Want to make me ROFL? Become a part of the community through Google connect in the sidebar or follow this blog through Facebook. I mean, this is the surest way to… Okay, I’m going to level with you. It’s not so much funny, but it will make me smile a lot so please do it (pretty please with cherries on top). 🙂

Well, that’s the short list of some things that make me laugh and I’m not totally sure why. There are probably hundreds of other things I could think of, but I’m tired and I may have scared you away from ever returning to this blog.

Don’t leave yet though! It’s your turn. Tell us something that makes you laugh even though you don’t totally get why. Is it a movie? A TV show? Is it a friend or loved one?

Spill the beans (then kindly clean them up, I don’t need another mess around here). Okay, what are you waiting for?


  1. When Will gets bit by the mosquito on Land of the Lost I was cracking up… I admit it.

    The other night the 4 of us were eating dinner and we had an entire conversation about body parts. It was pretty bad… and we were rolling on the floor laughing.

    • My favorite is the monkey being who breaks into song at just the right time. 🙂

      Sounds like our families need to have dinner together. We’ll have a great time! Thanks Bridget.

  2. Potty humour all the way for me! 🙂
    Kevin M. recently posted..3 year blogiversary celebration and 3 giveawaysMy Profile

    • You’re a good man, Kevin! 🙂

  3. I’ve never seen The Office all the way through. I’ve watched promo commercials though. That counts?
    Robin Arnold recently posted..Sweet sweet SaturdayMy Profile

    • Robin! You’ve never seen an episode! *mock outrage* It’s all that HGTV you watch. It’s totally corrupted you. 🙂

  4. the movie hot rod and digital shorts. shy ronnie and on the ground are 2 of my favorite short videos.

    i also love tosh.o but i know it’s bad for me. it’s like my peanut butter desserets.
    (also, he gave me my 1.2 seconds of fame, so i owe him)

    great post. all the things that make you laugh, do the same to me.

    • Hot Rod is a great movie and I also love the digital shorts.

      So how did Tosh.0 start you on your path to immense fame, noteriety, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams? I have to know! Plus, I know what you mean about being bad for you (that’s why I’ve had to change the channel before).

      Thanks Tyler.

      • No, thank you. I submitted some Surprise Trust Falls and 2 of them made in in the clips. Some get 15 minutes, I got 1.2 seconds. I’m not complaining though, I could’ve ended up on Maury.

        Keep on dancin.

        • Nice. I’m going to have to check out the site and see if I can see you. And definitely don’t want to be on Maury (how is he still on?).

  5. I love me a good Twitter chat with you. And I think I’m signed up for your RSS and GFC… so that should make you smile. Do you have a FB fan page yet?

    Cuz then I’d make you ROFL.

    • yep, I’m smiling! I don’t have a fan page, but I do have the networked blogs widget through Facebook (on the right sidebar). Thanks DS.


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