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6 Reasons I Need a Vacation

I’m happy to report that today my family and I are headed out of town. No, we weren’t chased out by an angry mob with torches and pitchforks. Why would you even think that?

We are very blessed to be going on vacation to visit family in Oklahoma and Kentucky. Besides that, we’ll get to do a little ministry along the way and I’m thankful for that opportunity. We’re driving from Dallas to Oklahoma to stay for a week then we’ll drive to Kentucky for another week before driving back to Dallas.

Seriously, this family of six leaving Alaska seemed to take as much planning and strategy as the first Gulf War, but God is good and we were able to make it happen. I’m thankful for the miracles.

In the spirit of ‘checking out,’ I thought I’d offer up a few humorous and some a little too-close-to-home reasons why I know it’s time for a vacation.

6. We’ve had such a cold and rainy May & June so far in Juneau, I have a negative Vitamin D count.

5. I find myself having vivid dreams of solving HTML code or CSS issues (for website design) and wake up in a cold sweat.

4. I’ve logged more hours with my office chair than a preadolescent girl listening to Justin Bieber on repeat

3. I’ve been looking for a good reason to sing “99 bottles of beer on the wall.”

2. My computer sent me an error message that said, “Seriously, go outside.”

1. I keep talking to myself then getting into arguments until I get offended with myself and I have to ask  my wife to be an intermediary (between myself). This is why my wife needs a vacation.

This looks nice, but we will not be going there…

Okay, your turn. Tell me why you need a vacation or what you are planning or would do if you could go on vacation right now.


  1. Enjoy. I recently got back from vacation and it helped refresh me and give me a new perspective.

    • I am expecting that experience. Looking forward to being away and having a chance to ‘go with the flow.’ 🙂 Thanks TC.

  2. 6. I need a vacation, because these cubicle walls will soon need padding.

    5. Because when talking with friends lately, I expect them to know what Regis, Synergy, IRS, and ALS mean in BOK lingo.

    4. Because I was certain that I saw torture devices being wheeled in to this dugeon errr basement the other day.

    3. Because as of right now, my mind is barely holding on to the notion that there are more hours out there besides 8-5

    2. Because I couldn’t laugh at these obvious funny reasons that you had

    1. I don’t remember how I got to work this morning
    Just saw the forecast this morning, and there will be plenty of sun this week. We are going from slightly below normal temps, to slightly above just for you. Can’t wait to see you all!
    Phil recently posted..An Evening with The VespersMy Profile

    • Nicely done, sir! Thanks Philip. We’re excited to see you too. 🙂

  3. Enjoy your time away…

    I need a vacation because:
    5. I want one.
    4. It’s summer.
    3. Stress levels are beginning to affect health levels.
    2. Anna is growing so fast… I need time away from work so I can spend more time with her.
    1. My wife and I need some uninterrupted quality time together.
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..A Warrior’s MorningMy Profile

    • Now, #1 is something we need too & I don’t expect we’ll get much of it this trip. We’ll have to plan another for that! Thanks Dusty. Hope you get that time off soon!

  4. Man, kinda hard to top you and Phil in the list department. I am sitting here trying to think of reasons:

    5. I come up empty on why I need a vacation.

    4. I am becoming way too familiar with Menards, Lowes, and electrical supply place (because the church building is being renovated not my house).

    3. When I start my Outlander in the morning the engine is still warm.

    2. I washed my hair toothpaste and brushed my teeth with body wash. Not really but it sounded good.

    1. I’m tired of schedules and want no time frame to ride my bike. Sounds like I ought to retire?

    have a great vacation Jason.
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted..ToxicityMy Profile

    • You did a great list. Love #3- totally understand! Thanks so much, Bill.

  5. Good for you! Hope you have a great time. I know I need a vacation when it’s a struggle to not be grouchy 24/7…

    • I don’t know, Floyd. You talk a lot about grouchiness but I know you’re a big softie at heart. Ha! Thanks so much.

  6. I did go on vacation, to the Outer Banks of NC, and if I could I go back today. Enjoy my friend, praying for traveling mercies and a great time for all!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..Fatherhood Fusion -- Father’s Day PostMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Jay!

  7. Have a wonderful vacation Jason!
    Kevin Martineau recently posted..How to speak intentionallyMy Profile

    • Thanks Kevin! 🙂

  8. Im in need of a serious vacation! I have been working part time at my job,picked up a TON of side graphic design projects, spoke at a number of churches, trying to find more members for the Ignite board, leading the Czech mission team, planning messages for the Czech trip, fundraising for the Czech trip, watching a buddy’s house while he’s in Israel on a mission trip, had the family down for the weekend, scrapping and getting ready to paint my garage and I’m taking a class over the summer. I need a nap just from typing all that! lol
    Jason Vana recently posted..Positioning FavorMy Profile

    • Ha! Definitely, Jason! Hope you can make some time for some solid rest soon. 🙂 Thanks!

  9. We just got back yesterday. It was actually nice not having the computer beckon to me in the morning. And the phot you posted pretty much sums up what my vacation looked like.
    Ed recently posted..Don’t Look Around!My Profile

    • You’re a blessed man, Ed! Thanks. 🙂

  10. anytime for me is a good reason to go to vacation !

    So instead of telling you six reasons I’ll tell you the six places I want to go and my favorite places.

    Six places I want to go.

    2. Hong Kong
    3. Tokyo

    Six places I enjoyed going to

    1. New York (It’s my hometown !)
    2. Oklahoma (Yah I know it sounds strange but I enjoy my time when I’m there !)
    3.Chicago (Love the pizza & food and the cityscape)
    4.Toronto Canada (Really nice & clean city)
    5. Northshore Minnesota (The Landscape)
    6. Hudson Wisconsin & Stillwater MN (Border towns between Minnesota & Wisconsin They have old time ice cream shops !)
    andrew singh recently posted..Christmas-Winterland Photo ExtravaganzaMy Profile

    • Awesome, Andrew! And you know I have nothing against Oklahoma. 🙂

  11. Jason: I know how it feels to log contless hours in an office chair. I cannot remember the last night I actually got a full night’s sleep. I can work hard, but I am ony human and I can also work myself into the ground.
    I am going on vacation with my family next week so I am excited about it. I can take some time to rest and let my body heal. I probably won’t stop blogging/writing all together, but I will just log in every once in awhile.
    My plan is to work as hard as I can right now so I can feel happy about my accompishments when it is break time.

    Anyways, hope the vacation was nice! Did it refresh your energy and urge to get back to the blogosphere?

    Best wishes,
    William Veasley
    William Veasley recently posted..The Pursuit of HappinessMy Profile

    • I’m actually on vacation now, William! We’re having a great time. Enjoy your time off too! And yeah, no reason to run ourselves into the ground. We can have some wisdom about this stuff! Thanks so much.


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