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About the blog

I want everyone to discover their passion and to meet God where they are, experiencing His presence.

Connecting to Impact has a double meaning. I know when believers connect in real and honest ways, we will increase our effectiveness and impact in the world. In reality, we connect to make that impact. The impact that one can make is only amplified when more and more focus their energy on something.

The second meaning is that God is the ultimate Impact and I want to always seek to connect us with Him. I sincerely hope to both encourage and challenge those who read these simple words, stories, and analogies. I hope that we experience His presence through these posts and respond to that in the best ways. That’s why I talk about scriptures, life lessons, and try to promote conversation about life and faith. I really want us to learn from each other.

This site is under the name because I believe that in living obedience to Jesus Christ, no matter how great or how small it may seem, we deliver an eternal impact. It changes us and those around us. The effect is indeed like a ripple that keeps going out and exponentially increases.

That doesn’t mean that life is always easy and faith is always convenient, but we can challenge and inspire each other to go deeper, ask questions, and truly grow.

Why I Continue Blogging

I love the intentionality of blogging. Posts don’t magically appear. You have to think, reflect, pray, and grow or you simply can’t continue. This is the longest journal (or anything remotely like a journal) I’ve ever kept, but I believe it’s because of the conversation and participation that comes from it.

I will admit that I have pushed some posts out before they were ready, but others have shocked me even as I write them because they take a different direction than I originally thought.

I’ve always known I wanted to write to encourage others, but until I disciplined myself to do this, it didn’t happen (go figure). I love putting a part of me out there as I try my best to say what God is showing me about Himself. Then I’m often amazed to receive a comment that blows my mind in a completely different direction.

I appreciate the community of friends and bloggers who spend any time here. Those who also join in the conversation bless me tremendously.

Because of my purpose I pursue my passion into His presence. If you’re new or have been here a long time, thank you to everyone who joins me on this journey! Sure that sounds cheesy, but some things never change.

About the Blogger

I may not always like it, but I am consistently reminded that I am indeed a real person. I have good and bad days, get angry sometimes and laugh other times (especially at the inappropriate, inopportune times), and I am always growing in God’s grace as I continue to let Jesus completely change me in the most amazing ways.

I believe in the value of others in this journey of life and faith, and I want to connect with other people, connect others in real ways, and connect everyone I come across to Him.

I love music and making music. I have completed five worship albums. I enjoy using creativity in whatever capacity I can. Creating graphics, writing, music, preaching sermons, or anything else–I want to communicate creatively and effectively.

I have a beautiful wife, Andrea, and four wonderful children (and we are also a foster family). I’m was lead pastor of Breakthrough Church in Juneau, AK and involved in ministry over a decade before moving back to Oklahoma to begin a worship leader training program for Family of Faith College and take more ministry travel opportunities.

Besides all that, I also run a website development and maintenance company called Spark2Flame where I want to help people (especially ministries and churches) have the most effective and professional online presence they can have.

It’s truly incredible to take a step back and see how God works in the big and small circumstances of our lives, pointing us toward discovering who He truly is. I hope you’ll join me in observing God’s miracles in the challenges and joys of an everyday person trying to have extraordinary impact.

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