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Any More Adventure

reachHow would you finish that statement? Any more adventure and…

In my case, I would say, Any more adventure and you’d have to sedate me.

No, that’s not entirely accurate, but it is a little crazy right now what with our loan being finalized on the new house and packing everything to leave in just a couple weeks. Then we have the normal family stuff, school stuff, work stuff, and stuff stuff. There may have even been some double-stuf oreos involved.

Last week I got to share about God leading us to a great car at a mind-blowing price. The reason for buying this car was for my wife’s new job–a job that technically she didn’t have. So it more of a faith car (which she has named Norman, by the way).

My wife is an incredible woman–gifted, organized, thorough, caring, compassionate. No matter what challenge or job has been thrust at her, she has been able to not only survive but bring positive change and momentum. She’s been a teacher, a state worker, ran her own daycare, worked in restaurants and clothing stores, sold knives. Seriously, I could go on, but trust me, she has a diverse work history.

Last year she and I prayed and felt God leading her to work outside the ministry where we have both served these past two years (and I still do). It was not an easy decision, but she stepped out in faith.

Since she loves teaching, she applied to several districts in our area, but never even received a call for an interview. She tried different avenues in the same field, but nothing materialized. Neither of us could figure out what was going on.

One day a month or so back, the lady who had done our foster care licensing here in Oklahoma called her and said there were several positions available in the next county over where we’re moving. Honestly, she was a bit hesitant because we’ve been on the foster parent side for quite a while and we’ve seen the struggle of case workers as well as the weight of the job.

Again, she prayed and finally decided to apply for a position.

After a slew of applications all over the state, she finally got an interview last week! It was the day after we bought the car actually. The interview went extremely well, but still we didn’t know what to expect.

The crazy thing is, I had apparently been praying some dangerous prayers. Many times as I prayed about Andrea’s job I would ask God to position her for maximum impact, that she wouldn’t just have a job but she’d know she was right where God had for her to be.

The other thing I prayed was that she’d have a “Michelle.” Michelle in Alaska became a very dear friend to Andrea through work while we were in Alaska. She didn’t have too many friends that she could actually lean on and confide in. Most of her friends depended on Andrea’s strength, but with Michelle it was a beautiful two-way street.

We found out not too long ago that in a state with a teacher shortage, every school she had applied to couldn’t find her application. The “No interview” mystery was solved. Even ones she thought were good prospects and met people who were advocating for her turned out to be dead ends.

So here we are, one interview in a field she’s passionate about and she got the job! She doesn’t even have to handle the social work side so much. Her focus will be on training and helping foster families and placements. It’s a dream come true for her!

Oh and in case, you fear God doesn’t have a sense of humor. Her boss’ name? It’s Michelle. God amazes me!

So here I sit typing my everyday testimony blown away again at the faithfulness and greatness of God to direct His children and position us for His Kingdom.

How awesome is that? What’s your testimony this week?

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  1. That’s awesome!!!

    It’s so amazing to see the hand of God in our lives. Coincidences only go so far, then it becomes obvious that it is His divine intervention. I’m happy for you guys! May God continue to guide and bless you and yours.
    floyd recently posted..WATERCOLORS IN THE RAINMy Profile

    • I’m amazed and so blessed at how He both preserves when we don’t see and in the ways He also advances us. It’s a wonderful thing! Thanks so much, Floyd.

  2. Stories like these just give me the spiritual chills! God is amazing, and sometimes His hand moves in the most *mysterious* ways! So happy for you and your wife, as this job does indeed seem tailor-made for her. I will love hearing updates on how God uses her for maximum impact!!

    Michelle?! Sometimes God just loves putting *icing* on His cake!!


    • I know! We’re excited. It’s so wonderful to see God’s goodness up close and personal. 🙂 Thanks so much, Sharon!

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