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Getting the Bad Taste out of Your Mouth

Oh, we know so much of the convenient, prepackaged, or drive-thru food is not so good for us, but hey, it tastes so good and comforting! Besides, that healthy food doesn’t taste as good so why put yourself through that?

I used to think like this–barely ate vegetables until I was in my mid- to late twenties. What I found though was that as I consistently made healthier choices, my tastes changed along with my meals. Now, there are still some veggies I eat because I know the benefits (not because I like the taste), but for the most part, I enjoy it.

I once heard a dietician say that the food we’ve developed is convenient and maximizes profit for the company producing it, but the problem is that while it has enough nourishment to sustain life, it does not promote life.

It’s the same with our spiritual hunger. People everywhere have tried to fill that inner need with something convenient and easy at one point or another. Entertainment, romantic love, addictions –this sort of stuff keeps us going for a while, but the quality of life it affords is not great.

We don’t flourish, we just exist.

Other times we try to be healthy in our spirituality but miss the truth, the real revelation of God, and embrace legalism. We fill ourselves with manmade rules and traditions, but the end result is not life-giving. It’s a cancer that produces discouragement, frustration, and usually a good deal of bitterness.

God created us for relationship–to be known by Him and to know Him. The more we experience and “taste” the real, the more we hunger for it. Those disciplines may feel forced at first, but your tastes do change as you consistently engage with Him.

The pressures of this world, its culture and systems, or self-righteousness and religion without relationship will diminish your quality of life until you face spiritual death. At least if you lay your life on the altar in surrender, you die to yourself but receive new life in Christ!

Yes, it’s a struggle at times, but hunger and desires are refined as we discipline ourselves. Again, with spirituality as well as food we may often feel as if we always need to be happy. Life is short! I won’t discipline myself or exercise! That doesn’t feel good to me!

What changed my attitude about food was that I saw I wanted to be around a long time for my kids. I had a compelling reason to change, and you may need to find that in your spiritual life as well.

I hope you’re hungry for something greater. Everything else ultimately fails to satisfy, but the experience of His love, joy, peace, and life not only keeps you going but ensures you overcome. That’s a hunger worth staying with and developing.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you struggle or have you struggled in the past with “healthy” living (practically or spiritually)? What motivates you in those areas?


  1. Great message! I am a very healthy eater, but I lack when it comes to spiritual health. Thank you so much, Jason! I am trying to get my life back on track with God and this is just what I needed to hear!

    • Blessings to you, Jaylynn. There’s grace for it, for sure! Thanks. 🙂

  2. Wonderful analogy, Jason! God doesn’t want us simply to subsist, but to live abundantly, nourished by His Word and grace. May we all have healthy, spiritual appetites!

    • Oh I’ve lived just surviving, but when you realize you have a choice on what you “put in”? That’s a powerful thing! I’m still learning and growing in this, but He is faithful! Thanks Martha.

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