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The Beauty, the Mess of Healing

Before the high school chapel service yesterday, I was praying with our worship team and an interesting picture formed in my heart.

First I was aware that each of us present in that room represented different struggles, challenges, and opposition. Just like you–you have struggles with particulars that are unique to you. Sometimes those struggles leave you wounded and lacking strength.

And this is what I saw. It was as if due to these difficulties, we had turned gray and colorless in areas of our lives. We lacked passion or intimacy there, but as the picture formed, I saw Jesus’ finger. It was just one at first, touching those gray and darkened places.

Then I realized He was finger-painting! There was a childlike joy as He brought color to drabness, feeling the art. He strengthens and renews as you experience His grace and love.

fingerpaintAs the service continued, we sang this chorus,

Whatever you want, whatever you ask
Our lives are Yours, we gladly lay them in Your hands…

(“Whatever You Want” from Gateway Worship)

Continuing to sing, I realized that many times it’s easier to sing or say something like this in regard to doing something great for God. I’ll go where you send me! I’ll build orphanages! I’ll reach out to those around me and build Your kingdom!

Your heart is in the right place because you want to obey and live for Him, but sometimes what He wants and what He asks is to allow Him into your struggle. Sometimes all He’s asking is, “Let me heal you. Let me bring color where you’ve lost hope.”

Many are never willing to allow Him into those hurt and disappointed places. It could be fear. Could be anger. Could be a feeling of completely being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do.

He’s not only able to make something beautiful of the mess, He’s willing and wanting. A healing hand is extended to you and it’s ready with some brightly colored paint to create a masterpiece. Like finger-painting, healing can be messy, but the alternative is no good.

If you aren’t careful, you’ll begin to define yourself by your struggles and the world around you is more than willing to join right in with this thinking.

Lack. Poverty. Victim. Abused. Forgotten. Overlooked. Broken.

These are realities in our world because of sin and man’s choices–either your own or someone else’s. Yet at the end of the day, your identity is not wrapped up in any of that. Your identity has to tenaciously guarded and be centered on the new life and freedom Jesus purchased for you and provides for you to live in every single day.

If you’ve been a Christian for very long, you’ve probably sung or said something similar to “whatever you want, Lord. Whatever you ask. I surrender.” I pray each of us can hear Him asking today, “Let me bring my healing.”

There is joy for you. Hope. Life. Truth. And He’s standing in front of you, drawing you into that messy, beautiful intimacy.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you ever feel like your struggles define you? How? Do you find yourself holding back from Him?


  1. Love the post brother! My theme for this year is REVOLUTION and Father is calling for an uprising of love which transforms, not only us, but whoever we come into contact with. In this revolution there is no holding back, it’s all in and all consuming. Bless ya bro’!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..Give AwayMy Profile

    • Amen! I’m with you, Jay. This is my prayer and hope. I want to be so filled with the love and light of Jesus that people can’t help but recognize it and I can’t help but share His love. Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you for this encouraging post. I needed reminding of how awesome God is and how I have choices. I can choose to focus on Him and trust Him and His timing or I can not. I can choose to focus on Him or I can choose to focus on other things.
    God is awesome.

    Great post

    • Yes indeed! I’ve been considering/questioning timing a lot myself lately, and like you said, at the core of everything I can still choose Him. Thank you, TC.

  3. Love the good Word and passion, brother. Just the thought of our Savior touching me lights me up…

    • I know. I love the ways He makes His truth plain and real to us. 🙂 Thanks Floyd.

  4. I love the image of God painting us with hopeful, bright colors of healing and mercy. Our lives will never be drab and dreary when we invite Him in.
    Blessings, Jason!

    • Makes me smile, Martha! Thank you and blessings to you too! 🙂

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