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Both New and Refreshed

First off, thanks for those who entered and our winner is…

Dusty Rayburn

Congratulations! I’ll send you your choice of digital or print copy of the book as soon as I get your information. Hope you are blessed and encouraged by this book!

forgotten-bannerFrancis Chan said he wrote Forgotten God because of the tragic neglect of the Holy Spirit in the Western Church. People can become so fixated on production that giving place to the third Person of the Godhead is secondary or even deemed irrelevant.

While I come from a background that embraces and expects the Holy Spirit to move, I still don’t know enough–I don’t know Him enough and I want to know. Whether through Mr. Chan’s writing itself or divine disclosure, I am praying a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit.

I want the knowledge I have to be refreshed while adding greater intimacy and new revelation.

Jesus had some strong thing to say in regard to the Comforter who would come.

I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; that is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you and will be in you. –John 14:16-17

Abiding with me and in me. Seems like I should know Him better than I do, but now’s the time to open up and allow Him room to express Himself. I don’t feel as if the Holy Spirit is forgotten in my life or church body, but I do know there is room for much more of Him.

How about you? How does the Holy Spirit direct your daily life or does He?


  1. I come from a tradition which says, “Holy Spirit who?” One of the most important days of my spiritual walk was the day I realized He is alive.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted..ProudMy Profile

    • I’m so thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit! Thanks Bill.

  2. My mom laments frequently that the church doesn’t teach on the Holy Spirit any longer. To be honest what I know of him is from reading the Bible and experiencing Him in my life. But like you, I want to know more, to grow closer.
    I’m really looking forward to reading this book. So glad you and Sarah choose it.

    • Glad you suggested it, TC. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Woot! I won! How did that happen? 🙂 I’m a Kindle user by preference, but paper works too. Whatever is easiest.

    The Holy Spirit lately has been pounding me with the correction that I do not need to neglect Him or let God be anything other than first in my life. This is not a new struggle, but lately I have been really feeling the correction and attempting to respond obediently to it. It has meant some adjustments and there are more that still need to be made.

    Our God is a jealous God.
    Dusty recently posted..Robbing God: Caught in the ActMy Profile

    • I will gladly send you a kindle version. 🙂 And yes sir, correction is a beautiful thing (even when it doesn’t feel like it). We need those readjustments. Thanks Dusty.

  4. The Holy Spirit is a mystery to me. I like to believe the Holy Spirit is my guide, but I’m not sure I’d ever claim that in public. I can’t judge others, but sometimes I think people can easily believe the Holy Spirit is leading them when in fact it’s their own spirit, or worse, a worldly spirit that leads them. I’ve seen many use claims of being led by the Holy Sprit to do what they want. I believe our true inner spirit, if we are a Christian, does what God wants us to do. But our human side can tweak that inner spirit. I like to think my creative writing and work are God’s gift. Does that mean I’m being led by the Holy Spirit? I won’t make that claim but let others decide.

    • Interesting thoughts, Dan. And yeah, people abuse everything--even the Holy Spirit (or at least blaming Him for their poor decisions). It’s sad, but it doesn’t take away from the real experience we can have in knowing the Holy Spirit. Jesus said He would lead and guide us into all truth. He points us always to Jesus. Thanks so much, Dan.

  5. Jason -- how much are we covering each week? A chapter a week, or two weeks for every chapter? And do we start with the introduction.

    • Hey Glynn, one chapter a week and start with the introduction. Thank you!

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