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Video Introduction

I wrote the book, What’s the Best that Could Happen? to encourage and inspire people to not only dream the impossible but live a life of impact every single day in big and small ways. By buying the book, you make an immediate impact because all the proceeds go toward our pending adoption from Japan.

For pastors, leaders, or small group leaders, I believe you would find this a great resource for classes or small groups. Each chapter is  about 8-10 pages in length and ends with questions for discussion and personal reflection.

Whether you like traditional printed materials, an e-book for a variety of e-readers, or an Amazon Kindle version–you’re covered! It could make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for friends, church members, or family.

Here’s a little video my family helped me put together for the book. Be sure to stick it out until the end as their are some extremely cute guest stars.


Get it now in paperback, in Kindle, or as an e-book. Thanks for your support!

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