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Changing the Valley

This week we have a conference at our church (where I also get to lead worship) so this will be my last post for the week as I’m taking a break to fully take it all in.

I just wanted to share something that really touched my heart yesterday.

How blessed is the man whose strength is in You,
In whose heart are the highways to Zion!
Passing through the valley of Baca they make it a spring;
The early rain also covers it with blessings.
They go from strength to strength,
Every one of them appears before God in Zion. –Psalm 84:5-7

As I said last week, my heart is at the place where I simply want to know Him. I’m set on meeting Him, going up to Zion. Baca means “weeping”–and I feel like I’ve been through the valley of weeping lately.

I looked up these verses in Matthew Henry’s Commentary and found something very interesting. As God’s people would make their way to Jerusalem, they would dig pools along the way from which to drink. The early or autumn rains would cover them and provide refreshing for those who would come after or they passed through again.

waterGod reminded me of some things I’ve been doing lately. Some have been difficult. Others have seemed to be nothing but drudgery. It’s like digging a hole. But here, there is a purpose. It may not even be to your benefit, but God will use your obedience and fill it up.

He turns the drudgery and weeping into a place of refreshing and blessing. People who come through after you receive strength because you’ve been faithful. You are refreshed and others are refreshed.

How wonderful is that?

You may have experienced or may currently be experiencing some hard things as you simply want to follow Him, to meet with Him. Those holes are not meaningless and fruitless. God wants to fill them with blessing.

What do you think? Have you struggled with the purpose of things you’re doing lately? Do you identify with this?


  1. I love your reminder today, Jason, that God is with us, ready to bless us, even in the most mundane of moments. It may seem to us that we are only digging the ditch when the path we are traveling will mean blessings to others down the road. We are called to remain faithful and trusting, even when today’s efforts seem meaningless in our eyes.
    Hope your church conference goes well!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..“If You Just Smile . . .”My Profile

    • It can be difficult to remember at times, but it’s so true! Thanks so much, Martha.

  2. I definitely identify with this. Obedience is tough, but it’s the only way to true peace… Enjoy your week, my friend.

    • It just helps me to know I’m not crazy and He does make something out of every obedience whether I see immediate fruit or not. He’s so good! Thank you, Floyd.

  3. Jason, how well I identify with your words here. I have been in a valley season this year, a time of wandering dry and weary. Interestingly enough, this year God gave me the word JOY as my spiritual theme. Really?? I’ve wrestled with that word, and celebrated that word. And as I also just want to know Him and follow Him, the journey of joy has been very enlightening.

    The verse you shared -- I loved this phrase: “They go from strength to strength…” This is what it’s like. Pools of strength and peace along the difficult road. Peaceful streams to lie down for a while and refresh my soul. Oases for the soul.

    Sharon recently posted..CRYING OVER SPILLED COFFEEMy Profile

    • It is very interesting (and sometimes frustrating) when God gives us a word and the opposite seems to happen. Joy isn’t developed in the easy times, but He allows us to walk through some dry places so He can show us the depth of what He offers. It’s bigger than any challenge or difficulty. It’s greater than we imagine, and His power is working within us. Thanks so much, Sharon!

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