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Christmas Is Coming

giftI read an encouraging article here about the fundamental call of our celebrating Christmas.

The seasonal culture we are surrounded by and to various degrees, influenced by is one of excess and self-gratification. We overeat, overspend, overcommit, and overextend (I didn’t even intend for that to rhyme!).

It can become all about the doing until even the joy of giving is diminished.

But at the heart of Christmas is the call to come.

Christmas is an invitation. Drop what you’re doing and recognize something profoundly significant has taken place.

Whether you smell like a shepherd or you’re a rich man following a heavenly sign, you’ve been invited to come.

Sure angels announced to shepherds the good news, but they still had to make the choice to seek Jesus out.

The wise men bearing gifts and following a star still had to load up the camels and make the trek.

You may or may not receive such a dramatic invitation, but I hope you’ll take this little piece of writing and hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit.

Christmas is about coming. Christmas is coming.

Just as thousands into millions in ancient times had no clue that this baby’s birth would change the course of history (or that He was even born), many can go Christmas after Christmas without experiencing the wonder and joy of knowing Jesus as Lord.

Oh come let us adore Him

Come to Bethlehem and see, Him who’s birth the angels sing

Come and worship, come and worship, worship Christ the newborn King

And so many under the dark, oppressive curse and tyranny of sin cried out, “O come, O come Emmanuel…” And at just the right time, He did.

Christmas is His coming to establish redemption and restoration. It’s His story of love and answering the cries of generations as well as all creation.

Joy to the world! The Lord is come

Love came down at Christmas

Born is the King of Israel

He came to clean up a mess He didn’t make to issue an invitation to salvation you could never deserve. The gift of His coming is meant to be unwrapped over and over again.

I’m encouraging you as I’m encouraging myself–come.

May that one simple word define our season as we end a year and look into new beginnings.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you ever have trouble keeping the focus of Christmas on coming to Him?


  1. Always nice to see your pieces and your thoughts and your sharing. I was hoping to connect to you today, b/c I wanted to have your address for sure. Anyhow, when Jay laid this on fb, I grabbed it then. Sure would love to meet you. This was a treat to see and read what I could. The brain thing keeps me from seeing and reading as well as I used to. BUT you’re a real treat! Thanks, Jason!

    • Hey Joanne, I’ve been all over the place lately, but I would love to connect also. Thank you so much and great blessings to you!

      • Oh, and yesterday a hospital testing group indicated that I can’t drive my car any more. So, I’m very upset and all I can focus on is the Lord. He truly is all that counts. Bless you. Nice to see OF you, but not face-to-face. You’re a treat! 😉

  2. My favorite part of CHRISTmas is Christ. With all the commercialism and materialism it can get lost, but we are trying to teach our kids that the true meaning of Christmas is all about our Savior and celebrating His birth.

    THANKS so much for sharing this. Merry Christmas!

    • Amen. Thank you, TC, and merry Christmas!

  3. I’m doing my best to keep my heart focused on Him as well as the church. All else fades and become last year’s gift.

    • Exactly. So many things to take our attention and time. We just have to make sure He gets top priority. Thank you, Bill.

  4. That’s precisely why this season is called “Advent” from the Latin meaning “coming toward.” We are to take this time for welcoming Jesus’ coming anew into the world and into our hearts. May we all answer the Lord’s invitation to come unto Him!
    Blessings, Jason!

    • Love it! I didn’t know that’s what advent means. We certainly need to welcome Jesus into our world and our lives. What a privilege! Thank you and blessings to you, Martha. 🙂

  5. I’ve left celebrating Christmas a long time ago, and now I just simply celebrate Christ. Still love the lights and the Christmas trees, and the decorations, but my mind isn’t focused on that anymore. It’s more focused on the Greatest Gift that any and all of us have ever received. And yet it’s a rare Gift that hardly anyone displays year round.

    • Oh yeah, so true. All the other stuff is fun, but we can’t let it be a diversion from experiencing the truth. Wonderfully said, Ed. Thank you!

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