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Determining Your Biggest Need

Alarm ClockGod leads His people into times of waiting on Him. They are not comfortable times and the pressure can be intense. In your attempts to find a resolution, you can come to think that you’ve discovered what you truly need.

More determination, more prayer, more passion, more money, more wisdom, more faith–if you simply had that one thing you could end the interminable waiting. What you need is only found in Him though. In pouring yourself into seeking God’s face, you’ll find an answer.

It may not be in the timing you hoped or what you expected, but it will bring the best resolution.

To seek His face is to seek His voice. To seek His face is to long for the words of His mouth. “Faith comes by hearing.” Once you hear from the mouth of God on your situation, the matter is settled. You don’t have to worry about getting faith at that point. When God speaks, faith erupts within us instantaneously and automatically. The focus must not be on getting faith but on hearing Him. God is simply saying, “Wait for Me to speak.”  –Bob Sorge, the Fire of Delayed Answers

The voice that spoke worlds into being, the voice that calmed seas and destroyed enemies–that is what you need. Determination, prayer, passion, and even faith is needed, but it won’t bring the change you desire. They will open you up to enduring until you find that word He speaks that brings real peace.

What’s the point of life? Knowing Him. What’s the point of waiting? Seeking Him. What’s the point of fulfillment? Hearing Him and stepping into the bigger picture.

Nothing substitutes for His word and voice. No matter what it is I’m convinced is the key, I have to wait for His word, the promise enlivened by His Holy Spirit at a given moment.

I have experienced this. Without telling the long story, we were at a point in our contested adoption where I was dejected and the battle was fierce. I was angry. I was exhausted, and it looked like everything was falling apart around me.

I reminded God of the scriptures He had led us to as we began the process. They had been real to us. We had prayed and believed them. Now this setback. It was in this time of desperation, I went to drive and pray because I couldn’t focus on anything else. I stopped the car at a snow covered recreational area and started walking.

I had to find God, and He showed up. What restored hope and life to me was not a massive change in the case or any dramatic events. I heard Him speak once again with direction and the scope of what He had called us to do. It was bigger than just us (as it always is). I couldn’t help but worship as God had made it a holy place.

We still had months left in our battle, but not to late after, things did begin to calm down and move in a positive direction. In reflection later, I could finally understand why we had to go through that waiting. He wanted us to know His voice. He wanted to know what we were fighting for.

Whatever you think you need, set it aside today. You need His voice. You need His word. You need to see His face.

Have you experienced this wrestling? Have you settled for things other than His voice to find your resolution?

fda-sorge3Welcome to week 2 of Chapter 12 for our book club discussion of the Fire of Delayed Answers (disclosure) by Bob Sorge. We are taking a sentence, paragraph, or passage that inspires, encourages, or challenges and writing about it. Since the chapters are longer and subject matter warrants, we’ll also be taking 2 weeks for each chapter. If you have a response on your blog, head over to my friend and co-facilitator, Sarah Salter’s blog for her thoughts and the widget to add your post. Whether you’ve read the chapter or not, please dive into the conversation!


  1. Yes, I have experienced this wrestling that you describe here. Yes, I have you settled for things other than His voice to find my resolution. I’m great at just doing “something,” and I’m great at giving up, oh and I’m good at demanding answers immediately too. The problem is, this usurps God’s moving in my life. As I sit here this very moment frustrated and at my wits end with an attention-seeking child, I realize the need to DO NOTHING. I won’t yell, I won’t lecture, I won’t force him to explain. I’m just going to wait for God to move. I’m admitting I have none of the answer and that I’m anything but in control of the situation. God loves my son more than I love my son, and I have to trust that perfect love.
    Kari Scare recently posted..Dress for Success in RelationshipsMy Profile

    • Beautiful illustration with your son. I know how difficult it can be. With one of our adopted sons especially, it can be so easy to try to get him to ‘behave’ without meeting the deeper need. Anyway, I can try to get ‘results’ with God but it doesn’t work. Thanks for your thoughts, Kari.

  2. I so needed these words today, Jason! I will seek His voice and listen with my heart while I wait.
    Blessings to you!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..A Very Different FridayMy Profile

    • That makes me happy, Martha. I love it when God uses something He’s doing in me to touch or encourage someone else. Thank you. 🙂

  3. God is so awesome. I got chills reading your post because I was reminded of times God spoke to me. Situations didn’t necessarily change, but my perception of them did.

    Also, as I read your post I was reminded that we are in spiritual warfare all the time. Satan doesn’t take a break. Sometimes God does calm the storm but other times God calms His child and asks us to trust Him.

    • Yes! We have an enemy, but we have a greater God who is truly relentless! Thank you, TC.

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