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Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in book club, discussion | 1 comment

My wife and I got married fairly young so neither of us knew how to cook. With a lot of trial and error, we learned how to follow recipes...

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It’s a Pity There’s Not More Compassion

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in discussion, impact | 0 comments

There’s a show on History (you know, used to be the History Channel) called American Pickers. Now, I honestly don’t watch it...

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Burden of Proof

Posted by on Jul 15, 2014 in book club, discussion, Encouragement | 10 comments

I keep a journal of what God speaks to me and on June 27, I woke up to my Father saying these words, Freedom doesn’t come because of...

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When Do You Get Hope?

Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in discussion, Encouragement | 6 comments

Yesterday, I preached a message centering on hope and how God wants to meet us with His hope (listen to the message here). What really...

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Bi-Weekly Hit List

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in discussion, Light Friday Hit List, lists | 6 comments

Here are some favorites that challenged, inspired, encouraged, made me laugh, or all of the above. Be sure to check ‘em out then add...

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Are You Living Under the Law? You Should be.

Posted by on Jul 9, 2014 in challenge, discussion | 2 comments

Those who love Your law haveĀ great peace, AndĀ nothing causes them to stumble. –Psalm 119:165 The Law as given to Moses in the Old...

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