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Don’t Fear the Light


I’ve been listening quite a bit to Bryan and Katie Torwalt’s new album, Champion. One of the songs is called, “Let There Be Light.”

When You speak
You breathe upon the dust
You come alive in us
When You speak
You silence every fear
We feel Your Spirit here around us

His voice and words are powerful. Dry bones become an army. Creation springs up from nothing. Healing, restoration, reconciliation, salvation—His voice spoke it all into motion.

Let there be light
Let there be light
Until it fills up every space
Come and have your way
Let there be light
Let there be light
Just one word and I am changed
Come and have Your way

As I listened again yesterday, I was struck with how scary a statement that would be for many to make. If we aren’t careful, we can begin living in hiddenness. Darkness becomes comfortable and normal (even in partiality), but making an invitation to His voice inevitably brings light and truth. You can’t stay the same after that.

The unfolding of His words brings light (Psalm 119:130). The more you hear Him, the more you’re challenged and emboldened to live His light because faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ (Romans 10:17).

There is no need to fear. His light isn’t simply an exposing of your brokenness and festering pain. It’s healing. It’s creative. The more you hear Him, the more you’ll partner with His word. You can echo with confidence the words He spoke to launch His temporal creative endeavors, “Let there be light.”

And this time, instead of heavenly bodies and celestial beings, He’s creating in you. He’s changing you, filling up the lacks and limitations with an understanding of His greatness and power. I’m thankful for the light.

I hope you’ll join me today in praying, “Let there be light! Lord, come have Your way. Your kingdom come, Your will be done in my life. I will not be afraid.”

How about you? Have you ever been afraid to step into the light? Or what are you thankful for this week?

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  1. I think fear of the light comes from not being sure of who God is or what He might do if we surrender fully to Him. That’s why making the scriptures part of your life is so important. As we personally get acquainted with His character and listen to His voice, then we don’t fear Him any more and are more willing to give up the things He knows will destroy us and trust Him to provide what we need.

    • You are right. The more we know Him, the more we’ll love and trust Him. There is no need to fear (except that holy fear which is reverence and awe). Amen. Thank you, Karen!

  2. Yes! May God’s light fill us every day.
    Blessings, Jason!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..On the BoardwalkMy Profile

    • Amen! I receive that today! Thank you, Martha. Blessings to you!

  3. The irony is that my post this week is all about getting *stuck* in bed after being sick -- and how it’s so easy sometimes to not want to face life. So, yes, I do know what it feels like to get comfortable *in the dark*. I am reminded of Jesus’ encounter with the man at the pool in Bethesda. His question to the crippled man wasn’t as simple as it sounded -- “Do you want to get well?” Sometimes it’s easy to remain in a darker place, because stepping up and out would require a scary leap of faith and/or a call to something that we don’t feel capable of. But really, that’s the whole point. The Light of the World is asking us another important question -- “Do you want to live in the Light?” Might the answer be a resounding “YES!”

    And then we must rely on HIM to help us walk…


    • Hope you’re feeling better, Sharon! And yes, His questions to us often expose the fear or doubt or mistrust we’ve lived in so He can show us the better way and bring us into the light. Great insights. And yes, I want to live in the light! He’s so good to us. Thanks so much, Sharon.

  4. I have been there before, when a situation was so dark I just wanted to hid myself in my own dark space. That space is in each of us, the flesh tell us it will be safe but it’s the opposite of course. I like Sharons reminder of the man at the pool of Bethesda. Coming out of that dark space takes courage and I was reminded as I thought on this, coming out of a dark space takes someone reaching in and offering a hand, Jesus question, do you want to get well was a hand being offered. As always Jason, I am never sorry when I stop by.

    • You are so sweet, Betty. Thank you. And like you said, I think we’ve all been there where we feel defeated or small and give in to staying in the dark, but He is persistent. He reaches, He loves, He offers us opportunities--He pulls us up. SO thankful. Really appreciate it, Betty.

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