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Don’t Get Testy in the Testing

I should know better, but I still get surprised sometimes. Whenever you decide to write or speak about something, you can almost guarantee a test will come soon.

Last week I wrote about the reality that we often allow our circumstances to dictate the level of our engaging in worship. It’s easy to allow negative things to take our focus and worship of our wonderful God is tossed aside.

Well, let’s just say those words of encouragement were the very words I needed last week.

First, God provided a wonderful big house for us our many children (not the test), and we knew when we bought it that the air conditioner was very old and would need replacing. We patched and repaired last year knowing we’d need to get a new one in the spring. Big houses need big air conditioning units so there’s a big price tag that goes with that.

In the midst of figuring out all this, my vehicle starts making strange noises, running high temperatures, and then hissing and steaming (with a weird smell) when I turned it off. A week after turning it in, we finally got a call last Thursday. It’s some sort of hoses that need to be replaced. They’re not under warranty and they’re also not cheap. Yikes.

If that weren’t enough, we noticed the puppy we got our son for his birthday just a month previous was having trouble and acting strangely. He had hidden himself in the bushes and wouldn’t come out. When we pulled him out, he tried to walk and stumbled. His eyes didn’t look right. My wife took him to the vet and wouldn’t you know it, that vet gave a bill for services and medicine. Even after doing all they said, there was no guarantee the puppy would live.

All this piled on my head like avalanche. Why was all this happening at once? I was angry, frustrated, and wanted out. How were we supposed to figure all this out?

It was then a still, small voice reminded me of what I had just written mere hours before and the verse that I constantly need as a reminder.

My eyes are continually toward the Lord,
For He will pluck my feet out of the net. –Psalm 25:15

I stopped my fretting, complaining, and venting. I closed my eyes and focused on worshiping. Lord, I know nothing surprises You. If you can provide for one need, you can provide for every need.

I opened my heart and began to sing. I immediately felt different. I felt peace. I felt safe. I felt His presence surround me.

I refuse to let my circumstances dictate the level of my worship. He’s just too good. No matter how big the net may be, He is well able to get my feet out of it so why look away from Him?

He’s more beautiful and majestic than we’ll ever be able to comprehend.

These are the songs I started singing when I finally stopped and began to worship. A little later I thought I’d sit at the piano and sing them again and record it so maybe you will be blessed by it too.

Songs are “I Worship You, Almighty God” by Don Moen
and “There is None Like You” by Lenny LeBlanc

What are your thoughts on this? Have you been through any tests lately? How did you respond?


  1. Oh, what a joy to see/hear you singing these beautiful songs of worship, Jason! You have such a beautiful voice, my friend!
    And yes, when the world around us comes crashing down, as it so recently did for Danny and me, the very best thing we can do is keep our focus on God, the only One who can rescue, heal and comfort.

    • Thought of you as I wrote this, Martha. Life throws many difficulties at us, but He’s always good and always faithful. We get the choice to stay focused on Him (no matter how hard it may be in the moment). Thanks so much, Martha. Blessings to you and Danny!

  2. My birthday is tomorow and the weeks leading up to it have been stressful. I don’t deal with stress very well and being the month of May it is super busy and stressful. God has tested me in being patient. Last night I had trouble sleeping. I went to bed at 10 and woke up at 3. I kept trying to go back to sleep and couldn’t. So I remembered something my pastor told me about. He said when you can’t sleep read the Word. So for the next hour and a half I read the bible and prayed. I’m exhausted now but it was worth it to spend time with God and im just glad I didn’t choose to go back to sleep! Thanks Jason ! God bless!

    • It’s so important how we deal with our stress! I find myself many times when I’m stressed in the night hours and wake up (but not totally wake up), many times all I have to do is begin praying and sometimes within minutes I am back asleep. But the cool thing is, every time I wake up after that, I’m already praying (if that makes sense). It’s like He just stays with me through the night. He’s so good! Thanks Jaylynn.

  3. Wow… Awesome reminder, lesson, and example, Jason. The gift of wisdom mixed with our freewill is nothing short of a miracle.

    Loved those songs too. I’ll be mindful of this one as I fight the fight of the same flesh.

    • We’ll keep on fighting and loving Him. It’s a beautiful way to live really. Thanks so much, Floyd.

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