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Endearing vs. Enduring Truth

Didn’t really explain my absence around here, but we had a foster daughter who had her tonsils removed and then with the busyness of the last week of school, I took an impromptu break. Looking forward to reconnecting here and with other bloggers!

Many times we may think the truth should be endearing: you know, nice and sweet. We would prefer it to taste like honey-covered gum-drops that never rot your teeth.

When we turn our lives to Christ, we must face the truth of our lack, need, depravity, ineptitude, etc. and then see His grace, sufficiency, wisdom, power, etc–a tough pill to swallow. When we face trials and trouble in this life, we have to embrace dependence, surrender, humility, and steadfastness because we believe that He who made the promise is faithful to lead us into fulfillment.

Lies scream at you to give in, but once you’ve seen the power of enduring truth, you can’t go back.

The truth is not always warm and fuzzy. It doesn’t always make sense to our natural minds. It’s often challenging of our presuppositions and indifferent embraces. Jesus said that if we obey His commands then we will know the truth and the truth will make us free. Sounds sort of forceful, right?

In the Rich Mullins song, Creed, it’s expressed this way: “I did not make it, no, it is making me. It is the very truth of God, not the invention of any man.” God gives us access to everything, but He still asks us to choose between our own comfort and following Him.

It’s sort of like being approved for a credit card. You still can’t use it until you receive it and activate it, and you have to play by the credit card company’s rules. If they only activate cards by phone, you can search and search for a website, but it won’t work.

God has approved you, but you still experience the truth in the way He prescribes. There really is a blessing for seeking, obeying, and living what Jesus showed us–total surrender; and that surrender of status, rank, position, class, everything–points us toward our destiny: Him.

Then truth works miracles in you because you are out of the way and you can experience His best. Just like Jesus, the surrender is often painful and hard, but God restores. You come out shiny and new, refined and ready to reveal His glory.

It doesn’t take much to gain a wonder about the enduring nature of truth.

First off, you have the simple fact that these words and ideas  have been preserved over centuries and centuries. Beyond that, I marvel that I can study a scripture written so long ago and find deep meaning and application for my life today. I can hear a song written 20, 100, or 300 years ago and be moved by the profound nature of its declaration and spirit.

Never trade the enduring nature of truth for that endearing, gimmicky “truth.”

Amazingly, after you embrace, accept, and live the enduring truth it truly becomes endeared to us. Yes, enduring truth becomes endearing truth (though it will hardly happen in the reverse).

Those words now have deep reality behind them because you poured your heart and soul into believing and walking them out. They are special and precious, the outside worked in, becoming your promise and conviction.

You have the privilege to pursue enduring truth! I pray you know God more deeply and more intimately in these next days as you seek Him and find Him.

Have you seen this in your life? Has hard truth become dear after you walked it out?


  1. The truth can be hard to handle. But once you accept it your life will be forever changed. Thank you Jason! God bless!

    • Absolutely. Thanks Jaylynn!

  2. I’ll take the enduring truth over the endearing truth any day, Jason!
    Blessings, and hope your little girl is feeling much better!

    • Thank you. Yes, she’s doing so much better. Her tonsils were so enlarged that she had trouble eating and sleeping (due to breathing/snoring). It’s been taxing to take care of her, but so thankful things have improved so significantly! Thanks agin, Martha.

  3. Yep. It’s always the hard and painful times that teach us the most.

    • True. I feel like we could learn plenty in the “good” times as well, but we’re rarely paying attention. Pain is certainly a wake up call! Thanks so much, Floyd.

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