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Finding Your Opportunities

Over the past week, I have been privileged to sing at the Senior Center where my Grandpa eats lunch daily, sing at a family reunion, lead worship and preach in the church I grew up in, and last night I got to sing and share in my wife’s cousin’s church here in Kentucky.

I know it may not sound that exciting. I mean, I’m not selling out Madison Square Garden or filling stadiums with people, but I have the confidence that what’s inside me finds its way out and a little more of heaven touches the earth. I have purposed to use every opportunity He gives me to release His glory as best as I can.

Years ago my father-in-law was conducting a funeral. I don’t know how they got a hold of him, but since he was involved, he figured I needed to be there too so I was harassed scheduled to sing “I Can Only Imagine.”

The whole service was fairly incredible. God’s presence was tangible and real in that funeral home, and though I got to add to the atmosphere as I sang, it certainly wasn’t because I was somehow special. When it came time for others to “say a few words,” each one that came up seemed to be more electric than the last. They talked about this precious woman’s faith, resolve, and compassion. I know it was real (in other words, they weren’t just being nice) because the Spirit of God was there. These lives had been changed by this beautiful woman.

The presence of God became so overwhelming to me at one point—I heard Him say so clearly to my spirit, “Do you believe I can start a revival at a funeral?”

At that moment, I became a believer. The occasion, the place, the time, the situation—none of it matters when God wants to move. He can do anything He wants sovereignly, but He also looks for partners, those who will carry something to wherever they may be.

Those moments hit home to me once again that I don’t have a ministry: I have a life. My lifestyle can be one of love, compassion, caring, and giving or it can be consumed with self-interest, self-consciousness, and busyness.

God has to remind me at times, but I really do believe that every time I get to use my gift or even enter a room there is potential for great things to happen. Why not? I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live, but Jesus lives through me. Jesus certainly knew how to enter a room and change things!

How about you? Do you have that sense of purpose with your life? Do you see opportunities where others may see drudgery? If not, are you ready to live the adventure?


  1. Whilei do have a ministry I lead, I see my whole life as my personal ministry. Ive had the opportunity in every job I’ve worked since college to share Christ with others and even see many of them give their lives to Him. It really is all about allowing God to move and direct you on a moment by moment basis.
    Jason Vana recently posted..Stepping Stone SeasonsMy Profile

    • We are taught to separate and compartmentalize, but Jesus didn’t do that. I want living His love to be my lifestyle--speaking encouragement and life, praying for the sick, and leading people to Salvation in Christ. And that’s awesome, Jason! Glad you’re able to use your opportunities effectively!

  2. I think I am finally getting the fact that my life is my message, my story, my sermon, my love song to Jesus. How I live preaches more than any words or song I sing. We have opportunities every day to make an impact on a life or situation. When we enter a room others should know that life just walked in. I have resolved to take each opportunity and seize the moment for the kingdom. Thanks for the post, another great one!

    • Amen. Thanks Sherry. It’s much easier to live this way (His yoke is easy and burden light) because we don’t feel the pressure to perform. It flows naturally and that is what it’s all about! Thanks again. 🙂

  3. I see my talent as a way of Ministry why because I get to bless people with 2 hours of work that they cherish for life. And when I get to photograph weddings I get to bless them even more cause I’m bringing Jesus with me.
    Jesus did his Father’s work for 3 years and his work is cherished for life by so many !
    andrew singh recently posted..Christmas-Winterland Photo ExtravaganzaMy Profile

    • Absolutely right, Andrew! It’s all for His glory and He will use it powerfully. Thanks so much.

      • This is where a lot of Christians get confused they don’t realize that every area in our life has to resemble Christ. I listen to a guy from Texas name Mike Murdock and I like this quote he has saying every Christian should be a problem solver for there boeses, why because we have the grace & wisdom of God.
        andrew singh recently posted..Christmas-Winterland Photo ExtravaganzaMy Profile

        • Totally agree. Christians should be known as the hardest working and wisest. We have access to so much! Thanks Andrew.

  4. Lately I’ve just tried to share the “little things” inside of me, contribute to conversation. Share my input on how things look to me. It’s not always me who speaks, and sometimes I catch myself and think where did that come from? He really does give us opportunities to share all of the time, and unfortunately at the same time we have the opportunity to hold back. Trying to take the opportunity that brings life each time it presents itself.
    Philip recently posted..I’m ClumsyMy Profile

    • I love when that happens! You don’t know what to say but it flows out so wonderfully. What a great God! Thanks for sharing Philip.

  5. “I don’t have a ministry: I have a life” In other words, our life is our ministry. Very well put, our testimony and our life is the most powerful thing we have when we use it for His glory. Amen! Lori
    Lori recently posted..Correction from yesterday’s post……My Profile

    • Our testimony is such a huge part of us and of course, scripture says that we overcome by His blood and the word of our testimony. We live it every single day! Thanks so much for adding to the conversation, Lori.

  6. What an inspiring post. Sounds like you’re having a special vacation. As I get older it gets easier for me to see the that my life is about Him, not me. I spun my wheels or “wore myself out trying gain wealth.” I know and have lived the definition of “chasing the wind.”

    Seeing the hand of God in my life is what I want my life to be about, His will, not my glory. I still struggle as I go through difficulties, but I know I’ll come out on the other side with more wisdom and hopefully the witness of God’s amazing hand in the lives of others.

    Great passion in your spirit Jason.

    • I have to say that it just seems to be getting clearer and clearer as He leads (and I’m so glad!). Glad you’re no longer chasing the wind but on His paths for His glory. Best place to be, and I’m right there with you--praise God! 🙂 Thanks Floyd.

  7. It always feels so good when God takes a gift He’s given you and lets you use it to glorify Him. How can you not feel good about that.

    As for the tone of the funeral, I can only hope that my life will be celebrated like that. I don’t want everyone sitting around sullen when I go, I want to be remembered for the things I’ve accomplished, lives I’ve touched, and for my walk with God.

    • Absolutely! Amen to that, Mike. I agree.

  8. Wow thank you for the post this message has been on my mind also i.e. being determined to not waste the golden opportunities given to me by God. I’ve often found that bad company often distracts from realising opportunity as in 1 corinthians 15:33. As a great preacher says “you must know that your friends affect you more than your church does”, I am challenged and determined to surround myself with those who are likeminded who will encourage me to do more for God in the aim of exalting his name. God bless you!

    • That’s a wise statement. Those we surround ourselves with in the day to day will determine our direction. Thanks so much.


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