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Forgetting “Final” in Human Terms

There’s been a song lately that I can’t quite get away from–and that’s a good thing. It’s by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser: “You Came (Lazarus).”

You came, I knew that You would come
You sang, my heart it woke up
I’m not afraid, I see Your face, I am alive
You came, I knew that You would come

Thinking about the story of Lazarus and Jesus’ raising him up (John 11), you see someone who lost. He wasn’t losing hope. He was dead and gone. People mourned and wept, and Jesus had waited to come to His friend.

There have been many times I’ve cried out to God, “I don’t think I can do this! I’m running out of faith. My hope is failing.” I’ve watched dreams die and visions languish. Maybe you have too, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end.

Other than His receiving of glory, we don’t know why Jesus waited to come to Lazarus. He already knew he was dead, but He also knew He would “wake him up.”

I don’t know why God has waited to fulfill His word in your life. I don’t know why certain things die in the waiting. It’s painful. It’s often debilitating. You grieve and mourn the loss.

Then four days late, Jesus shows up. He wasn’t there to mourn with Lazarus’ sisters or pay His respects. He came to reveal Himself in a dazzling way.

Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. –John 11:25

We certainly don’t like waiting, but when God waits too, it feels more unbearable. Jesus showed again that what was considered final in the human sense was not the final to Him. Even in death, the promise can be fulfilled. Even in hopelessness, joy can return.

One fruit of Jesus’ waiting and all that transpired was that many people received an opportunity to believe. You may see death and destruction concerning your dreams and wonder why God did not come through, but He is not finished yet.

He’s restoring not only you, but making you a sign and wonder to those who see you and know you. That’s incredible! Makes me want to sing…

You are a miracle-working God.

I believe today God wants to not only revive us, but bring resurrection life to dead areas of our lives. When He who is the Resurrection calls your name, you can believe things are about to get interesting.

What are your thoughts? Can you hear Him calling your name today? Do you have anything in your life where He wants to bring resurrection?


  1. Great word. Thankful for His resurrection life and timing in all things.
    Philip recently posted..The Silver Lining in turning 37My Profile

    • Yep, me too. 🙂

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