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God of This City

This is a picture of the cross that stands high on Mt. Roberts overlooking Juneau. Historically, a wooden cross was placed there by Catholic missionaries (this is a reproduction). But this day, I am trusting God that it is signifying a deeper reality: that more and more people are coming to Jesus.

Dear Father,

I thank You that lives have been changed here, that through the challenges and the spiritual warfare, You have always made Yourself known. I pray for the broken, the hurting, the hopeless, the wandering… I pray that they come to know You and the transforming power of Your grace.

You are worthy of the praise and adoration of Juneau, Alaska. May we be the light that you have called us to be here. May we reach even when our arms are tired and our legs are weary, trusting You for the strength to carry on. May we be a refuge and a haven for the struggling and weary. May the testimonies that come out of these days be some of the most powerful we’ve ever known.

You have created us and commissioned us to be a blessing. I ask that You would further empower and embolden us by Your Holy Spirit to do just that.

You have great plans for this city. They are not based on man’s wisdom or abilities, but on Your eternal word and unchanging truth. We commit ourselves to you and seek to be faithful with what You’ve given us. Systems have failed. Structures have failed. Religion has failed, but I believe therefore I speak, in Juneau, more and more people are coming to Jesus.

And it’s in His name, I pray… Amen and so be it.

I love this song and also make it part of my prayer this morning (and for more Sweet P’s head over to Tea with Tiffany).


  1. I stand in full agreement with your prayer Jason, and I say Come, Lord Jesus †
    HisFireFly recently posted..Thursday -- Pleasantly disturbedMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the prayer jason. This should be one every pastor prays and the song should be one every church should pray/sing. I pray for you daily and will include this request in my prayer.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted..Refresher-RefreshedMy Profile

  3. Amen, amen, amen!
    Sarah Salter recently posted..Love Can Go DownMy Profile

  4. Thank you. Karin, Bill, and Sarah--I appreciate it.

  5. Hi Jason!

    Echoing a BIG amen. And I love, love this song. It feed my spirit this morning. I could listen to it over and over again. The words are powerful. So much hope.

    Thank you for joining me and others in prayer. I know that I know God is listening to His people. We cannot stop praising and praying Him. He is worthy!

    Have an amazing weekend worshiping our KING!
    Tiffany Stuart recently posted..Serving Up Sweet PsMy Profile

    • Tiffany- so glad to be able to join in! Thanks for setting up such a great idea and sharing it. Blessing to you.

  6. Hey Jason! I actually met you as a follow in Twitter. I’m a God of this city kind of guy, myself. It’s one of the songs we worship and intercede to here in Davenport, IA

    • Thanks Gary! I appreciate you stopping by and I love this song too. I’ll be believing God will do greater things in Davenport as well!

  7. I say “Amen” to this.

    And this song. I have his cd and played it in my kitchen when I was cooking. Every time this song would come up I would sing it over my village full of lost, full of broken, full of darkness that He would come to rescue, heal and shine His light. Every time he sings “You are the God of this city” I sing “You are the God of Rozenburg” and so on. Every piece of this song where it’s possible I call the name of my village and proclaim it over my village, people and this nation. If we all would do this for our place it would be awesome. Just sung this song over your place.

    You’re the God of Juneau
    You’re the King of the people in Juneau
    You’re the Lord of this nation
    You are

    You’re the Light in the darkness in Juneau
    You’re the Hope to the hopeless in Juneau
    You’re the Peace to the restless in Juneau
    You are

    There is no one like our God
    There is no one like our God

    For greater things have yet to come
    And greater things are still to be done in Juneau
    Greater thing have yet to come
    And greater things are still to be done in Juneau

    I know it doesn’t sound the same and I don’t even know how to pronounce it but I do it and just did it for your city and God knows my heart. Praying for your place and praying that God will use you, your family and your church in Juneau.

    • God definitely knows your heart and I appreciate it as well, Ani. So be it and thank you for praying and singing over our city! I’m praying fr Rozenburg as well. Blessings!

  8. May that prayer echo across every heart brother! Get ready…people are coming!

    • Thank you, Jay! I believe it!

  9. It took several years to get me to care about my city. Growing up, I always figured I’d get to leave it and go to a place that I’d “actually enjoy” and then, I’d care. God recently changed that- which sometimes worries me, because Boise isn’t the thriving metropolis that I’d like it to be, but God has placed me here. He’s left me in a place with people who need him.

    Great post.
    Jake recently posted..Freedom 2- Bovines and BehaviorMy Profile

    • The first time I visited here, I couldn’t stand to be here more than a week. God does have a way of changing us and it really is amazing how much love will come through us if we allow it. Thanks Jake.

  10. AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

    Powerful prayer! Standing with you for Juneau! He is the God of this City and my city here in Mexico, as well as my own back home in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. His Holy Spirit is moving and I pray bringing more lives to Him as Lord of their lives in need of Him as their Savior!

    Each “P” of yours is an anointed word and filled with POWER! I’m echoing each and every phrase! Wonderful PRAYER coming out of Alaska for there and each city represented here PRAISING God above all else! I’m receiving and believing in this and the song is perfect for each city declaring HE IS GOD OF THIS CITY! WOO
    HOO!!! Hallelujah !!!

    God be with you, brother and many blessings as west and together in Sweet “P’s”! Thanks Jason for sharing your beautiful prayer!!!
    Peggy recently posted..DREAMSMy Profile

    • Amen- thank you Peggy! I appreciate your standing with me and I agree the same for your city. Blessings…

  11. Hi Jason -- I’m visiting from Tiffany’s blog. I really like this “Religion has failed, but I believe therefore I speak, in Juneau, more and more people are coming to Jesus. ” Standing in agreement with you in prayer for the people of Juneau.


    • I appreciate it, Joan. Thank you!


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