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If I Only Had a Brain

As the title indicates, I’m thinking this morning of a beloved character from the world of literature. If you guessed Hamlet, you were way off. It is, of course, Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

Yesterday I led worship and I didn’t even realize fully that nearly every song I had picked highlighted the love of God. Now, I know it’s not simply a theological concept or pleasant idea but an experience. I believe this because I have genuinely experienced this love in powerful, life-defining ways, but you wouldn’t always know it by how I live a lot of my life.

You see, I forget.

When my son was around three years old, he would say he had a “bad remember-y.” It amazes me how my brain will hold onto a whole lot of trivial things, but many great truths seem to slip in and out. It’s a painful reality.

Like our friend, Scarecrow, who sought something he felt was missing–we too seek what’s missing. It was after the test that he found he already had it, and he even became the leader of Oz with his newfound wisdom (consequently, that is the sort of turnaround that God delights in bringing).

We are the same.

We read scriptures, hear God speak to our hearts, experience His love and truth, believe for something bigger… then many times it gets locked away for a little while. This doesn’t mean it’s not true or real. It just means we will get the opportunity to prove it. It’s not until the trials or difficulties come that we find God had prepared us for just such an occasion. We just have to remember.

Remind yourself today that God has never made a worthless thing. He is faithful to complete the work He started. His love endures forever and never fails. You will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Your life’s purpose and destiny will be fulfilled in Him. Nothing is impossible for those who believe!

You may be in a hardship now. You may have just come through one. You may feel like a failure, but with reverence and awe, you get the choice to still trust Him.

The victory Jesus secured through His life, death, and resurrection is complete, and you can’t add to it or take away from it no matter how hard you try. His love is immovable and unshakeable–completely beyond the realm of human wisdom or reasoning.

You and I do have a brain.

You have experienced the truth because of His boundless grace. You have a spirit that has been awakened by grace to understanding. The world seems purposefully set up for you to forget, but don’t allow it.

Remind yourself, remember Him, and walk in fruitfulness.

How about you? Do you ever have trouble remembering some fundamental truths? What helps you remember?


  1. Yes, I struggle remembering basic truths sometimes. Usually, it’s when I’m tired, hungry or overly-stressed. With that, I know taking care of the physical plays an important role in my spiritual life. I also need to remind myself of basic truths regularly through study. It’s the same approach physically & spiritually… work it regularly or lose it (muscle/strength/knowledge/etc.) eventually.

    • Totally understand. So good to learn to recognize those things and alter how we approach life accordingly. I heard something recently that alcoholics in AA use and it makes so much sense: HALT. You take note when you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired and adjust so as to avoid potential danger. Those things are normal parts of life, but they don’t have to drag us down. Great thoughts, Kari. Thank you!

  2. I don’t think there is a one of us out here, Jason, who doesn’t, from time to time, suffer with a “senior moment” when it comes to recalling or dwelling on God’s love for us and His enduring promises. We do have brains, God-given brains, and we need to us them to focus on the only One who has given us life. Blessings!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Be ReconciledMy Profile

    • Oh yes! I read today about some research that was done that showed believing God loves you actually changes your brain chemistry! Having a relationship with Him took things even further with the positive benefits. He really has given everything pertaining to life and godliness! Thanks Martha.

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