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In Dreams of Heaven

In dreams of heaven
Stark reality pushes
And prods me to behold
A love untamed, mercy unfettered
Lends me vision for
Something ‘other than’
Scales fall from my eyes
I tremble to see Hope

In waking hours, I find
Grim fantasies masquerading,
Presenting themselves as truth
Hopeless pain, uncomforted grief
And heaven’s light
Seems to filter through
A pinhole, small and frail
Voices suddenly surround
And unify to strike the heart
Looking for a way in so
I’ll let go of what I’ve seen
And deny His gracious light
In the yearning for home,
This longing for reality
I lift a cry, “Kingdom come!”
Specters pitch and wail
As fantasy rebels
Against imposed liberation
But love prevails and
Freedom wins and
Darkness is forced to dissipate

The rhythm plays on
The cycle of days continue
Of dreaming and waking,
Reality and fantasy
Until one glorious day
The two find their union
But I have the choice
Which do I submit myself to?
To which do I swear my allegiance?

‘Your kingdom come.
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven. –Matthew 6:10

A Warrior Poet Circle post.


  1. That sounds like the trailer for a epic movie! That was awesome. We know the answer to the question, but it’s good to remind us that the ending is a happy one…

    • We are in Him and He wins! So glad. Thanks Floyd.

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