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Leaders and Freedom

Whispers and Shouts #18.

…a short burst of inspiration of what God is speaking to me, a prayer, a quote, a song, or whatever else.

I have done so many long posts this week, I thought we could start a discussion with something not nearly as lengthy. This quote is from Jonathan Welton’s book, Normal Christianity (disclosure):

Spiritual fathers have been entrusted by God to train sons and daughters how to walk safely in freedom. To oppose this, the devil has strategically planted fear in the hearts of many leaders to keep them from raising other former slaves into free people. As long as a leader fears the failure of his children, he will be tempted to “protect” them from the dangers of freedom through legalism and control. (emphasis mine)

Without commentary from me, what do you think?
Have you experienced this from either the leadership side or the follower side?


  1. I haven’t exactly experienced it myself, but I’ve seen it take place in another area at work. It tends to lead to resentment rather quickly.
    Philip recently posted..My Whole Life Has Led to This MomentMy Profile

    • Same principles apply at work. I hadn’t thought of that, but yeah. When people are treated like nobodies and children, they act like it. Resentment builds because they can’t do what they were meant to do. Good correlation. Thanks Philip.

  2. Being a leader sometimes can cause us to be in a role where we kind of take on the role of God. Of course it never works when we try to do with rules and our control what only God has the power over to begin with.

    It’s a freeing experience to come to the realization that we’re not in control, that’s an illusion of the senses. A tool used of our weak flesh against us by the enemy.

    I think all of us in this flesh are dealing with this type of issue in our flesh constantly… Me for sure.

    • It would certainly be easier if we could just control everyone and everything, right? We know it doesn’t work and it leads to some sad and dangerous places. The Law wasn’t able to change hearts and neither can we. We need His grace and truth. That can come through leaders, but the work is His alone. Good thoughts, Floyd. Thank you.

  3. Too long we have allowed ourselves to guided by fear. It has poisoned our waters and is affecting our children.

    “Perfect love drives out fear… (1 John 4:18)” Perfect love sets us free…

    As long as we continue to allow fear to guide us and hinder us, we can not know the fullness of God’s perfect love.

    It is time that we embrace the gift of His perfect love, allowing it to conquer the fear, and enabling us to stand firmly and courageous!
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..Is Fear Sin?My Profile

    • So true. Even as we lead our families, we can’t control them. We can lead by example and do our best to direct them, but if we don’t show them the ways of freedom, we leave them to bondage either in themselves or being susceptible to it from others. It’s important! Gotta deal with the fear. I’m with you, Dusty. Thanks so much.

  4. I think Jesus gave us the ultimate example of great leadership. He came as a humble servant. True leaders should be servants of God’s people, not self-important men who love the adulation of the flock. In the past, I think true leadership in the church had been lacking, but I do see more and more of a push for real servant leaders.
    Mike recently posted..Time to Test Your Bible Knowledge Again!My Profile

    • I agree, Mike. Many are hearing the call of the Father for this type of leadership. I think it goes back to becoming true spiritual fathers as well instead of just entrepreneurs or CEOs. The difference between those mindsets is huge! Thank you, Mike.

  5. At this point in my life The Lord is leading me to teach, Everyone from Bro Sam, James Cooper, Danny Fisher, Bro. Daymond, Steve Wilson, And Bishop Smith all told me that I have the calling of Art and Business man on my life. But like Paul’s Charge to Timothy it says to teach them to walk in the Blessing OF THE Lord. So I’m praying about this cause everyone that was used of God in The Bible had The Blessing Lifestyle credited to them. And my gift is to be a blessing to everyone with my skills but also use it to lead people and be a Godly example of how the Blessing works.
    andrew singh recently posted..Christmas-Winterland Photo ExtravaganzaMy Profile

    • Having those godly fathers and mentors in our life is so important. He never calls us to do it all on our own and we just can’t. We need the Body to fulfill our purpose. We need true spiritual leaders to lend us wisdom and strength at just the right times. Thanks so much, Andrew.

  6. So I’ve been plugging hard on and studying the bible on business and ask The Lord to lead me to the right things. And I’ve found something interesting every project that God gave and that was accomplished was a million dollar or billion dollar project ! So Yesterday at church it was like open mic night (at those beat nick clubs) and whatever the spirit says we all get to come up and speak it. The Lord said to me to tell my people to stop thinking small, If you study my word every project I gave and accomplished was a million dollar-billion dollar project.
    andrew singh recently posted..Christmas-Winterland Photo ExtravaganzaMy Profile

    • He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ask or think according to the power at work within us! Thanks Andrew.


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