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Light Friday Hit List: 1/14/11

Rounding up posts from around the web that challenged, inspired, encouraged, made me laugh, or all of the above. Be sure to check out these favorites and tell them I sent you!

And for even more great posts and favorites, be sure to visit Kevin Martineau’s blog as well. The list was a little shorter this week as I was out of town and had a day-off yesterday. Hope you enjoy though!

  • Who are you going to offend? by Mark Batterson ( You’re going to offend someone. Might as well choose who it’ll be.
  • Getting Rid of Trash by Karin Fendick (Flickers of a Faithful Firefly). She was sneaky, but the point she makes is a doozy! 🙂
  • Broken – Blog Carnival by Peter Pollock ( There are so many great entries and it begins with Peter’s wonderful thoughts. Go check it out.
  • Not Broken, But Restored by Helen Migon (Random Musings).  Helen tells beautiful stories and reveals wonderful truth. You have to risk the brokenness to get the value.
  • The Power of Transition by Jay Cookingham (Soulfari). Somebody must have opened up the transition floodgates because there are a lot of us going through it. Great wisdom here and in Part 2.
  • MY BLACKBERRY IS NOT WORKING! from Michael Hyatt. Great word play on this hilarious video (thanks to @KevinMartineau for pointing me there)
  • I’m with the Band by Jennifer Dukes Lee (for the High Calling). I love the joy of this post and the display of fearlessness!
  • Broken by Ginny (Make a Difference to One). Great analogy to remind us that we don’t have to perpetuate the brokenness.
  • Do You Plan For The Worst And Hope For The Best? by Bonnie Gray (Faith Barista). This another powerhouse post that you just need to read. You should also go and check out the other posts connected to this Faith Jam.
  • The problem is with us, not with God! by Kevin Martineau. This post takes the familiar adage, “don’t put a period where God puts a comma” and expounds exponentially. Great post!

Man, I had a lot of favorites this week. There were so many others that encouraged me so greatly so thank you to everyone who writes. As one who feels accomplished this week, I hope you do too–sort of like this little guy. He came. He saw. He conquered. He very probably got too excited and wet himself.

Also! Don’t forget the 2nd edition of the Warrior Poet Circle is coming up this Monday. This time our prompt is the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. I hope you’ll join us!

Do you have a favorite post or link you want to share? Ready to discuss  one of my picks?  Are you celebrating any little or big accomplishments this week?


  1. Thank you Jason. I was surprised myself at the way God soke through a simple routine chore.
    HisFireFly recently posted..Glory in silhouetteMy Profile

    • I just love it when that happens! Thanks so much, Karin.

  2. Thanks Bro’…for the include love on this awesome list and for leading me into a pun.

    What kind of lights did Noah have on the Ark?



    • I’m still trying to figure out what prompted the joke to your memory, but I’ll take it! 🙂 Thank you Jay.

      • Jason…it was flood gates…maybe Noah had to go through them….?

        • “Ah, I see” said the blind man. 🙂

  3. Wow -- thanks for doing this! I’ve been trying to expand the amount of blogs I follow, but didn’t know where to start.

    As for some of my favorites this week:

    -- Confidence Killer by you
    -- Don’t expand your influence, deepen it by Donald Miller

    -- Feeling around in the Dark by Jonathan Pearson

    -- Stepping onto the Ice by Michael Perkins

    -- Everybody’s Welcome, Nobody’s Perfect, Anything’s Possible by Pete Wilson

    • Excellent picks! And I appreciate the shout-out too. 🙂 Thanks so much, Jason.

  4. A great list for sure -- off to read the ones I missed!

    • Awesome, Matthew. I’m sure you’ll be blessed. Have a great day and thank you!

  5. Jason, thanks for including me with these wonderful posts.

    I suppose the pup in the picture hasn’t been the same since GIgi the Taco Bell dog died, huh?
    Helen recently posted..Merry Twelfth Day of ChristmasMy Profile

    • You are very welcome! Loved the post, Helen.

      Considering where it appears those burgers are from it may be a photo taken after he avenged some fallen comrades. He does appear to be grieved. 🙂

  6. You never disappoint with your weekly pictures.
    Tony Alicea recently posted..The Dash Between The DatesMy Profile

    • I thought that one was pretty awesome--nonsensical, but awesome. 🙂 Thanks Tony!

  7. Thanks for including me in your list Jason! I appreciate it!
    Kevin Martineau recently posted..Plan B Giveaway and Book ClubMy Profile

    • Well, your blog is great and I don’t mind in the least highlighting it! 🙂 Thanks Kevin.


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