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Light Friday Hit List: 12/17/10

Rounding up posts from around the web that challenged, inspired, encouraged, made me laugh, or all of the above. Be sure to check out these favorites and tell them I sent you!

And for even more great posts and favorites, be sure to visit Kevin Martineau’s blog as well. The list was a little shorter this week as I was out of town and had a day-off yesterday. Hope you enjoy though!

  • The waitress story by Marshall Jones Jr. (BondChristian). Great analogy on how we can end up interfering when we’re trying to help God out.
  • Make a joyful noise by Billy Coffey ( There’s a reason for all that crazy singing. Billy gives us plenty to chew on as always. Great stuff.
  • From Throne to Barn by Jennifer Dukes Lee (Getting Down with Jesus). There are so many powerful Christmas-themed posts all around this year–no trite expressions of “what we should say.” Jennifer does such an excellent job describing the sacrifice of heaven for the redemption of humanity.
  • Imagining Chains by Glynn Young (Faith, Fiction, Friends).  Powerful poem with a powerful message. Also loved Glynn’s story, Witness: The Innkeeper written from the point-of-view of the inn owner who gave Mary and Joseph the stable to sleep in.
  • Spiritual Calisthenics by Tony Alicea ( Going through the disciplines to prepare us for what’s ahead. It’s not fun, but the end is good!
  • A Gift of Compassion by Sandra Heska King ( I’ve participated in something like this before and this went right along with my urgency post for that same day (in a practical sense). Love when it works out like that!
  • Rejoice by Ginny (Make a Difference to One). I so appreciate Ginny’s wisdom here in all the season has to offer and preparing for it year round. Wonderful reminders.
  • World’s Best Christmas Letter by Matt Appling (The Church of No People). Matt is always funny with a point. He shows us how to write the world’s best Christmas letter (probably why he gave the post that title).

This week’s random pic is a little sad. Everyone remember Herbie? You know, the love bug? Well, after they finished making the movies, they put him out to pasture– in the most literal sense.

May your weekend be filled with God’s life and presence in increasing measure. Praying that as you meet with other believers there will be a wonderful outpouring of grace!

Do you have a favorite post or link you want to share? Ready to discuss  one of my picks?  Are you ready to give your own car a similar organic makeover?


  1. Thanks for adding me. Great list this week. And the picture takes the phrase “going green” to a new level.

    • You’re welcome! And thank you, Tony.

    • I was thinking along the same iines. I was figuring Herbie took “Green technology” too literally.
      Helen recently posted..Oh Christmas TreeMy Profile

      • Great minds and all that. :) Thanks Helen!

  2. Sweet list duder. I know I shouldn’t but I will. “….. Wagon”
    Michael recently posted..When I Grow UpMy Profile

    • I think I know where you’re going with the ‘wagon’ but I’ll leave it alone. Thanks Michael. :)

  3. So honored to be included here, Jason.

    Oh, and I think I forgot to mention. There’s so much in the photo of those hands in your Urgency post. So many possible stories. It really touched me.
    Sandra Heska King recently posted..Reflections on @stickyJesus- Chapter 1My Profile

    • And thank you, Sandra. Yeah, that picture is pretty amazing. Just got it from a stock photo site, but it does speak so much. Thank you again!

  4. Jason -- thanks for the mentions. :)
    Glynn recently posted..A Sunset FadesMy Profile

    • Glynn, I can safely say you bless me every week with your posts and poems. You’re a wonderful blessing so thank you!

  5. Awesome list this week.
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..God in Our Daily LivesMy Profile

    • Thank you, Dusty!

  6. great list. I’m going to have to check out the ones I haven’t already read.
    kristinherdy recently posted..Famous Last WordsMy Profile

    • Excellent, Kristen! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. :)

  7. I don’t think I’ve read any of these! Thanks for posting this, Jason! :)
    Melissa Brotherton recently posted..OverlookedMy Profile

    • I’m here to help, Melissa! ha! Thanks.

  8. Tony’s post was really solid.
    Jason recently posted..Mustard Seed YearMy Profile

    • Totally agree, loved it. Thanks Jason.

  9. I actually read a couple of these already — I’m doing well this week. Thanks, as always, for taking the time to put together a highlights list, Jason — you make it easy for the rest of us!
    Michelle DeRusha recently posted..Risky BusinessMy Profile

    • It’s a pleasure, Michelle. Glad that others benefit from them. Thank you!

  10. redesign looks great man. love it!
    mo recently posted..Bonus- Simple ThingsMy Profile

    • Thanks Mo!

  11. Great list Bro’…as for the picture…well, I was going to relate a story about grass and a Volkswagon buuuuuuut I’ll save that for another time.

    • Aww, I see you’re not as innocent as you appear. :) Thanks Jay!

  12. It’s an honor to appear in your listing, Jason. You’re such a blessing out here on the web, so generous with your links and your encouragement.

    May you have a blessed Christmas.

    • Thanks Jennifer. I appreciate that! Thanks for all you do. :)