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Light Friday Hit List?

Okay, so this week has been rather on the crazy side. Besides being a worship pastor and developing a worship program at the college here, I’m also a web designer.

I’m a web designer who’s site went completely down. Not just down, but disappeared. I had backups and apparently it was all corrupted so I had to start from scratch. My brain hurts, but if you or someone you know is looking for some web help of any kind, you can go check out Spark2Flame. 🙂

All that to say, I don’t have a list this week, but I did watch this fascinating video on “why we laugh.” I thought I’d share it and invite you tell me in the comments: what makes you laugh?


Your turn! I started this list, I need your help finishing.

Share your favorite inspiration, practical wisdom, or hilarity this week,
from you or someone else (or one of each), and be a part of the Hit List. Be sure to go visit others on the list and share the love!

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And if you’d like to add a button to your site or share with someone else, please do! Just copy and paste it into your text/html editor.


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