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Living a Passionate Life


Today, my family and I will head out on the road to Washington D.C. to receive an incredible honor and be named among other “Angels in Adoption” (get all the details here). And no, that’s not actually our car. 🙂

Amazing to think of the journey in getting here. We made choices and decisions, some seemingly inconsequential at the time, and now we have a story. Of course, the full story of loving and adoption–pain and setbacks coupled with God’s grace and victory–is more than I could share here, but it’s a story that begins with the love of a Savior that reaches through individuals.

I have to admit, I’m fascinated by people’s stories. Sometimes they are simple moments of a person’s life that illustrate something deeper like the stories from Bob Goff’s book, Love Does.

Sometimes they are tales of significant advancements like the TED talk to which I recently listened where the speaker told of a Hungarian holocaust survivor who opened an racially integrated textile plant in South Carolina at a time when this was unthinkable (if you have time, watch the whole thing–it’s incredible).

I look at others’ stories and think that mine doesn’t seem so special, but I suspect most of us feel that way about our own stories. However you see yourself and your life, I want to encourage you to live passionately.

Passionate people are part of the best stories because their love does something.

Make a decision today to love, to show compassion. Make a choice today to change someone’s life in a big or a small way. For us, that mainly looks like loving children who may well be overlooked and sharing the Father’s heart in caring for them and adoption. For you, it can and probably will look entirely different.

All I can say is, receiving this honor doesn’t make me feel in any way like we’ve “arrived.” There’s so much left to do, so many to be cared for, so many orphans needing to experience family. No, this award only confirms to me that I’ve got to love more, give more, do more.

The passion I feel is growing.

I want that for you. Whoever you are or wherever you’re reading this–choose to get stirred up about something. You might even need to angry about some injustice happening whether far away or in your own backyard. Choose passion. Choose love.

Your story is meant to be a beautiful reflection of the love your Savior lives toward you. Live that love toward your world, your family, your community. You don’t know whose life you’ll influence, affect, or change. You just may change the world.

Passionate people have a habit of doing just that.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you embrace your dreams and passions? How?

P.S. We are so thankful for everyone who’s donated, prayed, and supported us in this journey. While we came within a $1000 of our goal, we still need that extra push, but we are going in faith that God will provide whatever’s needed. If you feel you can be a part of that by giving, that is awesome (you can do so from the widget on your right or visiting here). If not, continue to pray with us and share this with anyone/everyone! Thank you SO MUCH and God bless.

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  1. Yes I do embrace my passion, well the Lord passion. First for the lost, then working with women who have been abuse in some way and teaching the Word. I applaud your passion Jason, you are giving life to some children and helping others have a heart for them by your words and action.

    • Amazing how the more we live and walk with our God, His passions become our passions. Thanks for embracing His passion, Betty!

  2. May we all live passionately, showing the world why we can and do love others. Blessings for a safe journey, Jason, and for an unforgettable experience in D. C.!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..I Will Give You RestMy Profile

    • Yes! Thanks so much, Martha. We had an incredible time. 🙂

  3. I once heard someone say that a way to find your passion is to look at what makes God mad or sad. I think aligning ourselves with His passions, His concerns, His heart is a good place to start.

    Again, congratulations for this honor. I know you didn’t seek it, but that’s what makes it ever more special. For true heroes don’t seek glory, they just seek to follow where their hearts lead them.


    • Very true. Those triggers help us find where our passion lies. And thank you so much. We are so blessed!

  4. When I stop to think about it, it’s amazing all the different passions God places inside of us. We truly are the Body of Christ. No single personality type can accomplish everything. We need to be diverse in order to reach the lost and dying world. We need to be burdened for the things God is burdened with. Some people have a great passion for helping the homeless, others want to help our military vets, some do missions overseas and some do missions right here in America. Some do foster care and others adopt. Some volunteer in nursing homes while others help build houses. There are so many ways to serve God and help others.

    Have a great time in DC. I love that place, but I love history so I could spend weeks there.

    • Totally agree! How wonderful and liberating it is to be who God created each of us to be (and respect others for doing the same).

      And I know what you mean about DC. It was first time to visit and our schedule was crazy, but the little sightseeing we got to do I realized quickly that it would take many trips to see everything. Already looking forward to going back! Thanks TC.

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