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Loving Salvation

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Our trip to Mexico was incredible! Ministry definitely made up the vast majority of what we did, but I also got to spend a few hours in a beautiful mountain-side city named, Taxco (where I got a few souvenirs for the family).

God’s presence was so full and almost tangible as hungry people cried out to God and gave themselves in worship and adoration. I couldn’t possibly begin to tell you everything that happened, but I received many reports that people’s lives were touched and God moved in beautiful ways.

Once again, thank you!

As I’m still mentally/physically recuperating, I’m not going to add much more today, but I wanted to share a scripture that touched me deeply before one of our ministry times in Mexico.

Let all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You;
Let those who love Your salvation say continually,
β€œThe Lord be magnified!” –Psalm 40:16

For much of the rest of this psalm, David talks about the enemy standing against him and asking God to deal with them. But there in the midst of it, there is this expression of joy and trust.

I would find myself saying, “Lord, I love Your salvation: the Lord be magnified! I love my Savior: the Lord be magnified!”

We often choose to postpone our praise.Β When this situation is over… When that issue gets resolved… The problem we all face is that life rarely comes at us with one problem at a time. They overlap. They demand focus and energy.

Salvation isn’t simply demonstrated in resolved conflict, however. We enter into His salvation by choosing to worship now. The Lord be magnified! Not your problem, not your ideas, not your emotions–no, the Lord be magnified!

You may think you’re taking a situation seriously by concentrating on it intensely, coming at it from every angle. Why not let God be magnified in your life and watch Him do incredible things?

I’ve experienced His salvation in tremendous ways. I may not understand everything happening in my life or what’s going on around me, but because I love His saving ways, I’ll go ahead and continually lift up my song.

Yes, the Lord be magnified!

How about you? Does this verse speak to you? What are your thoughts?


  1. Amen, Jason! So glad your week was so awesome for you and all who attended. And may we be quick to magnify the Lord, praising Him in the storms of life, giving Him the glory.

    • Thanks so much, Martha! Amen.

  2. Yes. This resonates. Good point about how we tend to want to wait until our time in the valley has ended. But that’s not what were called to. Excellent point and I can feel the Holy Spirit in your wise words.

    • It’s a point I remind myself of often (or more accurately, He reminds me of). Thank you so much, Floyd. πŸ™‚

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