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Lucky by Seven

Each of us was born unique, but not all we could be. Destiny, purpose, and a capacity for relationship with God were built right in.  We can unlock various facets of this, but the fullness comes only in knowing the Father.  It happens in surrender.
It reminds me of a time when it was just me, my wife, and our oldest son in the house.  We were headed out somewhere, and my beautiful wife was in no rush.  The only problem was, I definitely was in a rush.  I hate being late so I tried to goad her along.
“Hurry! We’re going to be late!” I called from the living room to our bedroom.  Noah and I stood near our entryway with our coats on and ready to go.
“Just a minute…” came the reply.
Calm, patient, understanding—these are three words that did not apply to my temperament at this moment.  I was boiling over.
“C’mon. You’ve been getting ready for over an hour! We’ve got to go,” looking down at my watch. “We’re late already! It’s already started. We’ll be lucky if we make it by seven!”
Just then Andrea emerged and my three-year old son, in an attempt to be helpful, calls out, “Lucky by seven, Mommy!”
Andrea and I both laughed out loud as we scuttled out the door. “Okay, okay” she said smiling.
My son was paying attention.  He knew I was upset about something so he tried to work that up.  I tried to persuade his mother with loud words so he did the same.  First of all, I knew again that I had to be careful what I taught him, that he was watching and learning.  I also wanted to be sure to display for him the good stuff, things that were important and real.
The most amazing thing that struck me though (no, not my wife) was this: our relationship with God should work the same.  Not so much the getting angry and loud part, but feeling what He feels and attempting to express what’s on His heart.  Being hurt and upset by that which does the same to Him, but also expressing joy and compassion in the ways and times He does.
If you look at Jesus as our example, scripture says He only did what He saw the Father do and spoke what He heard the Father speak.
I have to watch intently, study Him relentlessly, then at some point I just have to try.  My son didn’t say exactly what I said.  He didn’t share exactly the same frustration.  He was operating from a three-year-old’s view and abilities while I operated from an adult’s.
I feel this way so many times with God! I’m trying to relay here, to people around me, or our congregation what I feel God is speaking and what I know He wants to do.  It doesn’t always come out right.  I’m trying to convey eternal truth from my limited vantage point while I’m still in the growth process, but I have to try.
I was not angry with my son for not getting it exactly right.  In fact, I was overjoyed that he was trying to be like dad (even though in this case, there was plenty I could have done better).  God sees who we are becoming, not just who we are now.
My son is not becoming me, just like I am not “becoming God.”  My son may have to sift through all our years together to cling to the good and let out the bad, but in God, there is nothing but light and goodness and truth.
I’m being restored back to God’s original intent for me before sin messed it up and marred it.  My destiny, purpose, and talents are freed in God and it delights Him when I take them for a spin.
My hearing His voice and conveying that message precisely may not be there yet, but I keep watching, listening, and learning.  I’m His son and He takes joy in me like He takes joy in you.

Are you encouraged today? Listen and watch. Step out in faith even if it’s not perfect.  Our Father is pleased with you and loves you so deeply.

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