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To Those Who Quit the Church

Posted by on Aug 4, 2010 in book club, discussion, Encouragement, main | 29 comments

This post is part of a discussion on Craig Groeschel’s book, The Christian Atheist, covering chapter 12: When you believe in God,...

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Touring Whine Country

Posted by on Aug 2, 2010 in challenge, Encouragement, main, Monday Meditations | 41 comments

This post was written by my lovely and talented wife who has a message for you and me. I hope you enjoy it, reflect on it, and take it in...

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I Hate Storage Units

Posted by on Jul 12, 2010 in discussion, Encouragement, main, Monday Meditations | 30 comments

In case you don’t have them where you live, storage units are little rented garage or room spaces where you keep all your extra junk....

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