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Making Room for What You Want


I have a confession. It’s nothing shocking. I’m just tired.

There is so much going on with school, kids, work, my business, ministry, etc. I tried to start writing an encouraging devotional-type post, but it’s not in me today.

What I will share is what God impressed on me yesterday as our worship team prepared to lead Sunday morning. What rose up in my spirit and out of my mouth was…

Lord, we make room for You.

In fact, the feeling I had was God telling us to make room. Sounds crazy in some ways. How would you make room for God? He’s the King of the universe! He is beyond all things and above all things. Still, He chooses not to violate you as an individual.

Sunday, I asked God to forgive us for letting our lives be so crowded. Sometimes it’s temptation or sin, but sometimes it’s good things that we let crowd Him out.

If there is a person you want in your life, you commit the time and effort to getting to know them. If there is a piece of furniture you want for your house, you’ll take out things you don’t like to fit it in your space. If there is a hobby you love, you’ll make time and room to accommodate it.

The point is, you prove what is important to you by how you make room for it.

If I can go through a month or a week or a day without considering God’s goodness, love, grace, faithfulness, etc.–then my value system is off. I’m not making room for Him to move, but how do you do that?

In Matthew 13, Jesus talks about seeds and a sower. He sowed in several places and one of them was among thorns.

And so the sower scattered seeds near a path, this one covered with thorny vines. The seeds fared no better there—the thorns choked them, and they died. –Matthew 13:7 (VOICE)

Jesus explained that the seeds are the kingdom of heaven and the thorns represent the those who are overcome with the cares and worries of life and the pursuit of riches. The kingdom isn’t only sown once. God sows and sows and sows.

Still, how do you make room?

I’ve never seen soil change itself from rocky or thorny to tilled and fertile. So it’s hopeless? No! You make room by asking God to churn up the soil and prepare your heart so He can sow. You ask for forgiveness for anywhere you’ve let the wrong seeds grow in your life.

I can’t change me, you can’t change me, and neither of us can change each other. God, on the other hand, is incredibly and beautifully good and committed to you. He’ll show you and help you make room for whatever amazing thing He has purposed for you next.

Want to join me in my prayer and seeking Him to make room? What are your thoughts?


  1. Jason,, I will join you in prayer on this issue for it’s one my heart has been dealing with. Life is busy, busy,busy in the states, busy with so many needful things but also some needless things. I have ask the Lord to help me remove clutter from my life so I can be effective in the battle for lost souls. Someone took time for me years ago to share the love God and I want to do that also. I want my mind to be filled with Him that it’s all that flows out of it. Yep, I will join you in that prayer. Thanks for encouragement brother.

    • So true. We do live in a culture of go, go, go and do, do, do. And if we buck against that, we run the risk of being labeled as lazy! Taking time, making time, and making room is so important because as you pointed out, someone’s eternity may be at stake. Thank you, Betty!

  2. Definitely joining you here, Jason! If we can’t find room for God, we are in a whole heap of trouble. Thanks for the reminder that our busyness should never, ever stand between us and Him. Blessings!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..All Done in LoveMy Profile

    • And it can so easily! We don’t mean for it to come between us and the Father, but it takes discipline and focus to stay connected--all by His grace, of course. Thanks so much, Martha.

  3. Amen Jason. It’s easy to fill the space of time with demands and dos. What a wonderful prayer. Lord, help us make room for You. He alone is the One who can change us to open our hearts and our time to Him. Blessings!
    Deb Wolf recently posted..How to Bless Your Relationships from A to Z -- part 2My Profile

    • Yes! Exactly! Thank you, Deb. 🙂

  4. Great words (even though you *claimed* you didn’t have any!)

    Yes, life does have a way of crowding out many important things. An author calls it the “tyranny of the urgent.” I know that one of the enemy’s great weapons in my life is the arrow of distraction.

    Making room for Jesus. Sounds so easy, but sometimes it requires intentional focusing on Him and on what’s truly lasting and important. Yes, He lives in our hearts, but where? In an old broom closet?? Nope. I want Him to fill every corner of me.

    Joining you in praying for that to happen.

    Sharon recently posted..MY SELFIEMy Profile

    • And it really is a “tyranny” isn’t it? Demands and takes and never gives. Thanks for joining me, Sharon! Blessings to you. 🙂

  5. The verse that hit me when I read this was, “Draw unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you.” Amazing how weak this flesh is that struggles to make room for he One who provides life, now and for eternity…

    Praying for you, brother.

    • I appreciate the prayers, Floyd. And you’re so right. It’s about as crazy as trying to remember to breathe--we need Him so desperately. Thanks, my friend.

  6. Overcoming the cares of this world is so hard. But if we are to trust Him, it’s necessary. Nice post Jason, it spoke to me!
    Ed recently posted..Why I no longer work:My Profile

    • Amen. Thanks so much, Ed!

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