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May I Have a Word…

Hope you don’t mind something a little different today.

I am trained as an English teacher and though I’ve used my degree in different ways, I have never taught full time. If English teachers were to have a gripe session though, I imagine it might look a little something like Weird Al’s new video, Word Crimes.

Whether you know the song it’s parodying or not, it’s funny (at least to an English teacher).

Yes, my twitter name is br8kthru and no, I’m not 7. 🙂

What is your grammar pet peeve? What rule do you have a hard time remembering?


  1. Jason, my son just showed me that video last night -- it’s hysterical!! My college degree was in English Literature, so yeah, I’m a word lover. And yes, I thought my grammar *background* added to the hilarity of “Word Crimes.” (I want to have lunch with Weird Al…) And hey, I actually sorta miss diagramming sentences. Not.

    What is my grammar pet peeve? Maybe the misuse of it’s or its. And don’t get me started on their, there, or they’re. I also find the dropping of the Oxford comma to be a shame. I still use it to separate my lists of various words, phrases, (there it is!) and other things. I find it orderly and it makes the sentence less confusing, in my opinion.

    What rule do I have the hardest time remembering? OK, this one. When you pluralize a family’s name, where does the apostrophe go? Is it the Smiths, or the Smith’s, or the Smiths’. Or how about when you use a word that already represents more than one person, and you use it as a possessive? Like, is it the people’s rights or the peoples’ rights?

    Other than that, I love twisting and contorting the English language, wrestling it into intelligible little choo-choo trains of thought that hopefully have some meaning.

    It ain’t easy. LOL!!
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    • So to the grammar nerd side of me, this is probably the best comment ever! 🙂 And I also use the Oxford comma in my lists. The only time I was taught to drop it was in journalistic writing. I get possessives, but sadly I admit I sometimes get confused when choosing between “good” and “well.” I almost always second-guess myself! Also, I was one of those weird kids in school who actually liked diagramming. I don’t think I could remember all the rules of doing it today, but I thought it was fun. Thanks Sharon! 🙂

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