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Monthly Look Back

As with anything else in life, it’s good to pause and reflect every once in a while and blogging is no different. Writing this monthly look back helps me to see what God’s been showing me recently and also gives me an opportunity to say thank to everyone who has been a part here.

For those who are more casual observers of this blog, maybe you’ll see something you missed and it’ll encourage, inspire, or challenge. I would be honored if you joined in the conversation.

For those who regularly contribute by commenting on these posts, you bless beyond what I can say. I seek to encourage, but you more than double that encouragement with your thoughtful and consistent addition to the conversation and community.

And to both groups, I say: Thank you.


Most Viewed Posts for May

    1. Promoting Inequality
    2. Fearing the Much
    3. Real Relationships Involve Pain
    4. Let Your Fruit Define You
    5. Nothing Wasted in Him

Month’s Most Commented on

Let Your Fruit Define You

One Great Comment

God is never concerned with our reputation. He is only concerned with our hearts. I love how you mentioned that their sin didn’t give God fear or dread. Too often we elevate our sin to a place that is bigger than God — that one mistake ruins everything God was trying to do. He can use our mistakes and turn them around for His glory.

Jason Vana from A Reputation to Uphold

Thanks again for being a part of my life in this way. If you have a blog, tell us in the comments what’s the favorite or most popular post you’ve written this month. 


  1. Promoting Inequality was my favorite this month too. It sparked some good thoughts and conviction.
    floyd recently posted..HITCH ER’ UP!My Profile

    • Thanks Floyd. You have no idea how much you encourage and bless me with your heart and conversation. Thank you so much.

  2. One that I especially liked and really resonated with me which wasn’t in your list of most viewed posts for May was “God Is Not Fair (Why That’s Good).”
    Thomas Mason recently posted..Revisions to My StoryMy Profile

    • It’s funny how some posts “catch on” and others aren’t seen by as many. That particular post is very real to me as well. Thank you, Thomas!


  1. Jason Stasyszen - Monthly Look Back, today on Connecting to Impact

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