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Monthly Look Back

As with anything else in life, it’s good to pause and reflect every once in a while and blogging is no different. Writing this monthly look back helps me to see what God’s been showing me recently and also gives me an opportunity to say thank to everyone who has been a part here.

For those who are more casual observers of this blog, maybe you’ll see something you missed and it’ll encourage, inspire, or challenge. I would be honored if you joined in the conversation.

For those who regularly contribute by commenting on these posts, you bless beyond what I can say. I seek to encourage, but you more than double that encouragement with your thoughtful and consistent addition to the conversation and community.

And to both groups, I say: Thank you.


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Month’s Most Commented on

Every Step a Victory

One Great Comment

“This walk of faith is anything but reasonable. The dreams in my heart, the things I feel God wants me to do are sheer crazy. I’ve actually heard that from people. But it’s ok — I’m fine with being unreasonable if it brings His glory into people’s lives.”

Jason Vana from Be Unreasonable

Thanks again for being a part of my life in this way. If you have a blog, tell us in the comments what’s the favorite or most popular post you’ve written this month. 


  1. Thank you for posting my comment, Jason. It truly is an honor! I even copied it to put on my FB page. Completely forgot about that comment.
    Jason Vana recently posted..A New Sense of AweMy Profile

    • I really appreciate your contributions around here, Jason! No problem. Thanks again.


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