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Motherly Wisdom

House and wealth are an inheritance from fathers,
But a prudent wife is from the Lord. –Proverbs 19:14

My beautiful family.

This particular post is little more than an opportunity to brag about how great my wife is. You don’t mind do you?

Yesterday, we had our church service like we normally do. My wife is perpetually busy these mornings because we have a 1400 sq. ft. converted warehouse across our driveway that serves as our sanctuary while our living room and dining room serve as classrooms for kids, the kitchen is used intermittently, and our bathroom is used as a nuclear reactor.

Kidding! The bathroom is a bathroom, of course.

She cleans our house and makes it shine as well as getting the four  kids ready (no easy feat)–all this so that I can have time to pray and then lead worship practice and a prayer time before service. We are extremely busy, but there’s grace and we know we’re sowing an eternal seed.

Most people never realize how much my wife does to make sure our church family can have a clean, comfortable place for our kids and… those other needs.

I mention all this because even in the midst of all that is going on Sunday mornings, she still manages to be a loving and brilliant mother  to our kids. I’m so thankful for her servant’s heart, but it’s this second area that just makes me stand in awe.  After 13 years of marriage, she still manages to surprise me with her incredible insight and ability to teach.

After service, we were making lunch for the family and she asked me if the kids did any better being a part of the worship service today.

“Yeah, I did notice,” I said happily. Truthfully, it was more that I wasn’t distracted by their grumpy scowls on the first row, rolling around on the ground, etc.  We’ve had a little trouble getting our kids to stand up and be a part of worship. The line is always the same, “I can’t stand for that long” or “I’m too tired” (worship’s around 30 minutes) and no matter what we’ve done to explain they really are old enough to engage and how they can, there has been this block in their minds.

Interjection: we are not sticklers on this point because they are pastor’s kids and we want them to be show ponies and “examples” to everyone else or the other children. We want them to engage in knowing God and His presence through worship and don’t want any excuses to take root in their minds as to why they “can’t.” Thank you.

My wife continued her story, “Well, I owe them all a dollar.”

She smiled. I deflated.

“What? I don’t like that we paid our kids to be involved in worship.” Here I thought she had gotten through to them finally, but all they were after was that dollar.

She kept smiling as she called all the kids to the table for a family meeting. She got out their dollars and explained that now they have all proven that they really can stand during worship, sing along, and be participants and since they’ve proved it, this will now be the new normal and expected behavior.

My smile returned. That seems like Solomon-level wisdom to me, and I get to be married to her!

What is one of your favorite parental wisdom moments, either from your childhood or from raising your kids?



  1. There has been a few times (OK, many times) that a certain look from my wife has diffused a potential yell fest. Her eyes were saying…mercy, grace…reach their heart. Amazing how she said all that without a single word…I thnak God for my wife everyday…she has helped me be a better dad.
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..Father EyesMy Profile

    • Man, I know those looks. I get them too. 🙂 I was literally thanking God yesterday in my prayer time that my wife expects great things from me as a father and she’ll encourage me in those things. I may not like to hear some things, but it’s a blessing to have a godly wife who is such a strength! Thanks Jay.

  2. I have to say over the many years, I questioned my wife’s strict disciplinary actions, but wisely kept my mouth shut… so glad I did. She is the difference and the glue for our family, without her, we’re not us…

    • The great thing about me and my wife is that we balance each other out really well. She can be very strict one day and I could be the next, but we always seem to keep each other from going overboard on things. 🙂 Thanks Floyd!


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