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My Faith Update

I still have it…so that’s good.

No, I’m really writing this because I haven’t shared in a while where I am about stepping out in faith regarding my job. For those who don’t know, my wife and I have felt for a while that it was time for me to be full-time devoted to ministry again. This job I’ve had for the last couple of years has probably been the best of my life. I love the work and I love the people, but I know what God is saying.

Last week I laid the groundwork for leaving my position after the first of the year.  Scary, for sure; but I’m very excited at these next steps.

Along the way, I had some pretty good ideas for replacing my income that I thought were real firecrackers (insert the sound of God’s laughter).  None of that has really come together for various reasons not least of which has been a lack of time. Between full-time work, full-time pastoring, and full-time family–it’s been a stretch.

That leads me to the question: if things aren’t lining up the way I thought they would, does that mean I’m not hearing God?

The enemy would love for me to think that, but I’m one of His sheep and I do know His voice. Though my plans haven’t worked out, there have been other hints at God’s provision.

  • Someone sent me a letter a month or two ago that encouraged me so much. Besides that, there was a good sum of money in it. God just showed me a taste of what He’s able to do.
  • Recently at the conference I attended in Oklahoma, someone from a church I had ministered in a year ago came and replaced an offering check that I had lost. I had counted it as gone, but God had another idea.
  • We have an oil heater in there that hasn’t worked since we moved in almost a year ago. We kept meaning to get it fixed and my wife and I had talked about calling the repairman, who to call, etc. because we were starting to get mold with all the moisture. A couple weeks ago I went to our garage to find something, and I was shocked to feel heat blowing from it. I asked my wife if she had called someone–nope. I asked several people who would have the knowledge and access necessary if they came by–nope. After all that, I declared it a miracle of God’s provision.

I share that to build your faith and mine. Obviously these are smaller things, but if I thank Him and rejoice in these, I put myself in line to see the bigger things.  My getting this current job was a miracle of God’s provision right when we needed it (that’s another story). If I trusted Him to guide me here, I have to trust Him to guide me to the next season.

If God can lead Elijah to a brook where ravens feed him during a drought, He can lead us however He wants to (although all the brooks around here right now are frozen). His ability to provide is not limited by my understanding.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. —Hebrews 11:1

I don’t know whether you believe God can or does do all this or not. What I know is that He has spoken. What I know is that I have testimonies of great provision. What I know is that God is faithful.

Like I said, I’m encouraging me today and hopefully, encouraging you. Whatever God has put on your heart to do, you can trust Him with it, your life, your family, and everything else.

Is God leading you to step out in faith (in any area)? What’s the latest miracle you’ve seen?


  1. Let me encourage you with what God encouraged me with this morning. James 1:4 reminds us that one day, if we continue with Christ, we will not lack anything. Let me reiterate that: WE WILL NOT LACK ANYTHING.

    Don’t grow weary in doing God’s work, my brother! You can’t imagine what an encouragement you are to me and to us as a faith community. Press in. Press on. Know that you are NOT alone as you do. And in Christ’s good timing, you WILL NOT LACK ANYTHING!

    PS -- This isn’t a prosperity message. I’m not just talking about money here. I’m mostly talking about righteousness, peace, joy… fruits of the Spirit and blessings of the Kingdom. But I also love that God doesn’t make His children beg for bread. Our needs are met in Christ Jesus!
    Sarah Salter recently posted..ImperfectMy Profile

    • I hear you. I think there’s a difference between the prosperity message (wealth for me) and living in the Father’s house (provision for me and others). That’s where I choose to live! Thank you for the encouragement, Sarah. You are very much appreciated. 🙂

  2. “His ability to provide is not limited by my understanding.”

    So good, Jason! I feel like your family and mine are in very similar places…well, except for our climates. 🙂 A month ago my husband told his boss that he believes God is moving us and so he will not be back next school year. He hasn’t “officially” quit, but we are certain that we will be moving next summer. We feel like this is God finally moving us into full-time ministry — a calling we felt over a decade ago. We don’t know any of the details yet and we are just taking it one moment at a time. It’s scary, exhilarating and freeing.
    Thank you for sharing the ways God has shown His provision for you and your family. It is encouraging and I am excited to see what God has ahead for you.

    • That’s exciting, Melissa! And I think that’s it--we each have to listen to the voice of Jesus and obey. I’m not saying everyone has to do it the particular way I’m doing it, but when God speaks, He’ll also provide grace and every good thing.

      Thanks for sharing your heart and thoughts. I’ll be praying for you, Josh, and your family. 🙂

  3. I’m learning that God doesn’t necessarily provide us what we want, but what we need. Sometimes that’s wonderful, sometimes it’s painful. But I always go back to the same thing: I am to come to him first. To seek him first in everything, even things that seem so small and inconsequential.
    katdish recently posted..Choosing to believeMy Profile

    • I agree with you, Kat. It’s also interesting to note that as we trust Him and delight in Him, God give the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:3-4). That’s not about selfishness and greed, but He does give us wonderful gifts that just blow us away (not talking about financial only). Anyway, something I’ve been pondering lately.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. Stepping out… awesomeness. Am definitely behind you in this endeavor. Can’t wait to hear all that God is doing.
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..The Christmas BlessingMy Profile

    • Thanks Dusty. I was actually wondering what the guys would think. Obviously we have a responsibility to care for our families so there are a lot of emotions wrapped up in this and the decisions. Thanks for your support. 🙂

      • Actually as I was reading this, I was reminded of something in this last chapter of The Hole in Our Gospel… about Churches aiding Churches.
        Dusty Rayburn recently posted..The Christmas BlessingMy Profile

  5. Jason…man, I needed to read this post. I too have a big announcement but I will hold off for now. Anyways, I’m praying for you on this next step of your journey.

    • Glad you’re encouraged, Jay! I know you have a big announcement coming up and I can’t wait to hear about it. Blessings. 🙂

  6. Praying with you, brother. Listen to Him, and do what He says.
    herbhalstead recently posted..chaospeaceMy Profile

    • Thanks, Herb. I appreciate that.

  7. I’m glad is coming through for you. Looks like big things are in store for you.
    Jason recently posted..Grease might be the wordMy Profile

    • I do believe that! Thank you, Jason.

  8. Love it jason! I love hearing how God comes through. I am not in a miracle stage right now but I do see god working Thanks for lifting my faith a bit today.

    • Hey there are miracles all around just in varying degrees. 🙂 Thanks Bill!

  9. I believe! I believe! I mean I believe my God is the God of miracles and He does provide us with what we need. Like sending a person to encourage me, send people to share with me food when I had no money to buy food,
    let me buy stuff for the Foodbank in a miraculous way that I could also buy my own groceries with the little money I had. It’s like the oil that doesn’t stop.
    I’m so excited about what you will tell us after this. It’s time to worship Him now. I hear the song”I’d rather have Jesus than men’s applause”.

    God bless you Jason, and Andrea and your kids too.

    • Ooh, I like that-- “like the oil that doesn’t stop.” Thank you Ani! Blessings back to you. 🙂

  10. I want to add something deep and meaningful but you’ve left little room for that.

    Great post and great witness, Jason.

    • I hope you mean I adequately covered it not that I don’t want to hear your thoughts, Peter. I’ll infer the former from the ‘great post’ comment, but either way you are free to share your thoughts always. 🙂 Thank you too!

  11. Lookin’ forward to hearing what God does. Such a faithful provider, but always messin’ with my ideas of when and how would be the best time and way of providing for us. We kept a notebook for the first 10 years of our marriage, of the ways He provided, and I can’t tell you how encouraging it always was when, faced with a real need for provision, we’d haul out the notebook and read how He’d provided in the past.

    Way to go on throwing yourself in desperation upon His provision… When you obey His words, then go out on the end of the limb and saw it off behind you… That’s faith.

    • We have so many stories throughout our marriage too. I low that you keep them in a notebook. So organized! Thanks Kely. I appreciate the encouragement. 🙂

  12. Oh man, me too. I’m in the midst of trying to hear God and finding out that He isn’t answering me in the way that I felt He was leading me to pray.

    • That’s always fun, Jay. 🙂 Praying wisdom and clarity for you in Jesus’ name. Thanks for your comment.

  13. Praying for you man. I think there is something to be said of praying for our daily bread. He’ll provide daily for you brother.
    Michael recently posted..I Slept On The CouchMy Profile

    • I very much appreciate those prayers, Michael. That whole ‘daily bread’ thing has been on my mind a lot lately. 🙂

  14. You have actually encouraged me. Yesterday I was upset because I feel like I am not understand all my programming classes for my degree. I graduate next year and am hoping to move into a job in my field of study shortly after I graduate. I was frustrated because this current class is over this week and I still don’t understand it all; and it’s something I will need for my future job plans. This post helped me remember that God gave me this degree plan and that if I keep at it and don’t let myself get discouraged, I will learn it all and make it through this. Thanks!
    April recently posted..Photo of the Day- SnowmenMy Profile

    • Thank you April. You know in James, it says if we lack wisdom then we should ask for it (this is a constant prayer in my life!). Praying you understand more and more and step into all the wonderful things God has for you!



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