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No More Orphans

hiding1Anyone who has spent some time with me probably knows God has given me and my wife a heart for orphaned and/or broken, abandoned children. It’s not only in how we talk or what we do, but it’s directly reflected in our family where three of our four are adopted.

This Saturday, there will be an event that I’m privileged to be involved with that aims to not only present the need of kids in foster care or those awaiting adoption but to get people involved in some way.

I understand that not everyone can adopt a child or be a foster parent, but there are hundreds of ways to be a meaningful part of a child’s life. Here’s what God said about it,

But you shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt, and that the Lord your God redeemed you from there; therefore I am commanding you to do this thing.

“When you reap your harvest in your field and have forgotten a sheaf in the field, you shall not go back to get it; it shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow, in order that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. When you beat your olive tree, you shall not go over the boughs again; it shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow. –Deuteronomy 24:18-20

My guess is that no one reading this has been a slave in the physical sense, but you were a slave in the spiritual sense. And since you remember how He redeemed you, He is commanding you to get involved in finding a way to support those who have no other way of meeting their needs.

It’s a mindfulness. Not turning your head away from the vast and often depressing need, but looking into it and bringing hope.

Believe me, I know it’s hard. In preparation for this event hosted in our church facilities, we have had the “waiting hearts gallery” at the back of our sanctuary. It’s a collection of professionally taken pictures and some stories of legally free children in Oklahoma who are simply waiting for someone to adopt them.

Some have severe special needs and consideration while others look “normal.” It’s heartbreaking to see these kids and know they’re just waiting on someone to open their heart and home to them.

If I’m being honest though, the gallery has been there this entire month and as much as it affected me at the beginning–it all starts to fade into the background after a while.

That’s a problem.

Emotion may get you invested for a moment, but mindfulness is a must to keep you invested. It’s so easy to walk right by, to not even notice after a while. It’s easy to think someone else will pray, someone else will reach out, someone else will love.

I’m thankful to be a part of this event that will challenge that tendency we all have. We need a mindfulness about these kids that leads to some discernible action. It may seem big or may feel like nothing, but until there are no more orphans, we have work to do.

Will you join me in praying for this event? What are your thoughts on all this? What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Praying over this event with you, Jason. I do hope each and every child finds a good home full of love and God’s grace.
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Bubble-licious!My Profile

    • Amen, Martha! Thank you. It was a wonderful time. 🙂

  2. I will join you Jason and all those who work to help these children, I will pray. I have a couple of friends who have adopted foster children and been privilege to be in their homes and see the joy from both sides, the children and the parents.

    • Even in the hard times, it is a joy! Thank you, Betty.

  3. I think I’ve mentioned it before . . . we’ve fostered and adopted. I’ve also been involved in an event that shared a Waiting Hearts Gallery. Praying for God’s blessings to cover everyone involved this weekend, Jason.

    • That’s awesome, Deb! It’s such an important thing. Displays the heart of God so beautifully. Thanks so much.

  4. What a beautiful event, Jason. There are few things more worthy in this world than pursuing the cause of children. Jesus loved them, we must do likewise. Prayers over this weekend.


    • Yes, yes, yes! Jesus welcomed the children and we have to do the same. What a privilege! Thank you, Sharon, and bless you too. 🙂

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