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Where There’s No Natural Light

lightbulbOver the last year, I’ve studied more on the Tabernacle of Moses and the Tabernacle of David. So fascinating how God built in symbols of the Messiah into these different structures and systems. Everything points to Jesus!

With Moses, you went from the outer court to the Holy Place where there was only light from the golden lampstand. Once you entered the Holy of Holies, there was nothing to light the way beyond the thick veil.

If you would, take a few moments to meditate on these words from Derek Prince (from the book, Declaring God’s Word [disclosure]).

Once inside the Holy Place, you are no longer living by your senses, but by faith. Remarkably, beyond the second curtain, there was no light at all. There was only one reason to enter: to meet with God. When a man with a true heart went in beyond that second veil, it became gloriously illuminated with the supernatural presence of God, called the shekinah. That is the ultimate goal. There is nothing to entice us beyond that second veil except God. He provides no alternative attractions—it is God or nothing. If God does not come, you are left in total darkness. Living with God as our goal means pursuing no alternative attractions. It is God Himself, God alone. The light that I seek is neither natural nor artificial; it is supernatural—the presence of God Himself.

I’ve been focused a lot lately on seeking God for the sole reason that knowing Him is the highest calling we can hope to receive. The things we do in the world are good and necessary. The love we show to others. The care we provide for the lonely and broken. The compassion with which we parent our children.

It’s all wonderful, but it has to flow from that honest seeking. If God doesn’t show up, you’ll be immersed in darkness. You won’t try to “do the stuff” on your own no matter how good your intentions because you’re not concerned with man, but God.

  • The distraction of wanting to be a better person who sins or struggles less. You have to pass that by.
  • The distraction of wanting the perfect and good family. Walk through that veil.
  • The distraction of trying to promote yourself and leave a legacy. Leave it behind.

To go beyond that second veil you can’t have any of that. If those are your focus, you won’t even try to enter into the supernatural light of His presence. The priest had to be cleansed and sprinkled with blood before they could enter God’s glory. But once you’re set on Him, nothing else satisfies and you’ll do whatever it takes.

What do you think? Does this minister to you? Are you feeling the draw of His presence leading you past the distractions?


  1. Jason you have wrote about the desire we are believers start out with but get side tracked into doing spiritual instead of being spiritual. Impossible to be spiritual with a super natural touch from the Lord. Yes, yes, yea, we must pass up those distractions that only cloud our vision from seeing Him, only Him. Thank God for the blood that covers us and allow us into the Holy of Holy’s. It’s the blood that makes it possible. Thank God I am found worthy because of the blood that covers me. Walking in that truth makes me want to enter into a super natural walk of faith. Yes I sense the draw of getting past the distraction to get to the heart of God. Once you have tasted that touch, you want it more then anything. I crave it, seek it, miss it often just because my flesh gets in the way but knowing if I come humbling to the door of the Holy’s of Holy’s, knowing the blood covers me I can go in again. This is a great post brother, one I am going to share on my fb.

    • I am so guilty of “doing” over “being” spiritual. It becomes a mess quickly. My focus shifts from Him and that relationship to me and what I can do. It’s subpar and definitely not His best! I want Him, no exceptions. Thanks Betty.

  2. “But once you’re set on Him, nothing else satisfies and you’ll do whatever it takes.”

    That is such a powerful and pure statement….YES…let’s press in and follow hard after Him!

    Thanks Jason!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..Killing Lions – A ReviewMy Profile

    • I’m with you. Although… I think sometimes I’m ready to do whatever it takes and I come up short. More grace! He pours out abundantly to us. Thank you, Jay. 🙂

  3. I studied the tabernacle of Moses a little while back -- and it was amazing. So much symbolism, so much to learn from. The amazing thing is that the curtain was torn when Christ was crucified -- meaning we all now can have that fellowship.
    Loren Pinilis recently posted..Science Confirms the Power of a Biblical Source of MotivationMy Profile

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