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No Reason to Rejoice

Darkness covered the earth, formless and void
The Spirit brooded over the waters
The world needed a Creator

Slavery enveloped God’s people, 400 long years
The Spirit picked up a rejected man
The world needed a Deliverer

Swallowed in Roman oppression, an overthrow desired
The Spirit overshadowed a young virgin
The world needed a Savior

Souls bound in spiritual darkness, works of the evil one
The Spirit rested on a God-man
The world needed a Restorer

Nailed to a shameful cross, earth trembling violently
The Spirit raised up three days later
The world needed a King

Impossible situations, Reason whispers defeat
The Spirit quickens me to His word
My world needed a Reminder

The world has always been dark, hopeless, and oppressed–without Him
Who can stop a God not bound by reason? Who can curb the joy at His revealing?

I will rejoice.

This post is part of theΒ One Word blog carnival hosted by Peter Pollock where this time the topic is Rejoice. Head on over to read all the posts there.


  1. Great poem, Jason. Nice use of structural repetition — but even better is what it says.
    Glynn recently posted..The gods are dyingMy Profile

    • I appreciate that, Glynn. At first I felt it was too simplistic, but then I decided it sort of needed to be (if that makes sense). Your encouragement really means a lot to me.

  2. I agree with Glynn — the repetition resonates and its message is digs deep.
    Louiseg recently posted..Tis here!My Profile

    • Wow, thank you, Louise. I appreciate it!

  3. Nice! I wanted to see what was the “no reason”, and was taken along for a poetic journey that left me with a contented sigh. Lovely.

    • Gotta love the ol’ provocative title, right? πŸ™‚ Thanks so much--glad you were blessed.

  4. I really like the poem man.
    Michael recently posted..Let Go Of My AnkleMy Profile

    • Thank you, Michael. You were one who through example encouraged me to start writing it again so thanks. πŸ™‚

  5. Well, I don’t know anything about structural repetition, but I loved the words. And the order they were in. Excellent.
    katdish recently posted..Rejoice or notMy Profile

    • Thanks Kat. I appreciate it.

  6. My poetic license was revoked, but these words are strung together beautifully, Jason. “My world needed a Reminder.” So did mine. Thank you.
    Candy recently posted..Rejoicing for HaroldMy Profile

    • I know a guy down at City Hall. We should be able to get your license reinstated. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement, Candy.

  7. Wow, not much else to say. This spoke to me very powerfully. Thank you.
    Frank recently posted..To Keep It- Give It AwayMy Profile

    • What a blessing that is to me, Frank! Thank you.

  8. Your words paired with that image make quite a concise summary of His story. This is good. I would love to hear it read aloud with the emphasis where you intend it to be, but for now I will keep reading it to my own self.

    A Simple Country Girl recently posted..ThreadbareMy Profile

    • Thank you, Darlene. If I read it out loud, I might have to be a poet and I’m not sure I would classify me there… yet. πŸ™‚ It’s an aspiration though!

      You all have blessed me so much with your responses!

  9. I’m seriously diggin’ this Jason.
    Tony Alicea recently posted..Spiritual CalisthenicsMy Profile

    • Thanks Tony!

  10. I seriously don’t know how to write like this. I could just admire what you did here Jason. Thanks for sharing.

    • Honestly, I just started writing. Then I worked with it after I got it down, but thank you, Jojo. I appreciate it, and it’s always my pleasure to share!

  11. Wow, beautiful, really beautiful poem.
    You were able to summarize the plan of salvation so well, and I loved how you added your personal piece too (“My world needed a Reminder”).
    Very powerful!

    • Thank you, Cristiane. His love is global and it’s personal--so amazing!

  12. “Who can stop a God not bound by reason? Who can curb the joy at His revealing?”

    Excellent, Jason! As always.

    I will rejoice, too.
    Lisa notes… recently posted..Have you remembered to rejoiceMy Profile

    • I’m glad you’ll rejoice with me, Lisa! Thank you. πŸ™‚

  13. Jason -- Thank you for reminding me of the need to rejoice as an act of healing.

    Russell Holloway recently posted..RejoiceMy Profile

    • That’s a great point, Russell. There’s healing in rejoicing. Thank you for saying it like that!

  14. Awesome poem, dude.
    bman recently posted..Christmas KidMy Profile

    • Thanks Brian!

  15. Ahhhh, the warrior poet…loved it bro’

    • Just being what He created me to be. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much, Jay.

  16. Love the new look!! Really, it’s so great!

    And, I really needed to hear this today. I needed a reminder. Thank you, Jason!
    Melissa Brotherton recently posted..Chazown A Book ReviewMy Profile

    • Thanks Melissa--I’m so excited with how the site turned out. Also glad you’re encouraged. We all need the reminders for sure.

  17. Amen! Awesome poem Jason!
    Kevin Martineau recently posted..It is easier to complain than to rejoiceMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Kevin!

  18. An awesome reminder of who God is and what He has done and is doing in my world today. Thank you. I have reason to rejoice!
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..In the Word- No Greater LoveMy Profile

    • Thank you, Dusty!


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