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Now Back to Grace

From last Thursday to Monday afternoon, I was in South Florida ministering for a worship team seminar and their Sunday services. It was a fantastic time, but I haven’t written anything here so I wanted to bring a short encouragement for you. Be blessed!

I have found myself a bit tired lately.

It’s sort of like dangling on the precipice of sheer annihilation, battling the forces of exhaustion with a sword forged in the fire of danger, as I spit in the face of innocuous platitudes, dodge the minefields of broken dreams, and kick apathy in the shins. Okay so maybe long sentences and melodrama are a side effect of stress for me.

Truly, I love how God works. I marvel at His wisdom and how He deals with us. I am amazed He never forgets a prayer, a praise, a cry from our heart, or a tear we’ve cried.

One of those prayers He hasn’t forgotten? “Lord, I want to be close to You.” I’ve prayed it hundreds of times I’m sure.

I shouldn’t be surprised then that God would lead me down a path where I’d have to pull in tighter and hold so persistently that my knuckles turn white. I’ve wondered many times if God understood who I was when He called me to do what I’m doing, but now, more than ever I’m convinced that what I prayed, God heard.

When I start coasting and move to auto-pilot, He says, “Follow me and step out over here.” I thought I was getting strong, that I could move a little on my own and not rely so much on grace, but the more I follow the more I realize my complete dependence on Him.

I’m absolutely convinced that He wants to have me close even more than I want to be close (and the same is true for you). As I trust and follow, I may find myself scared, confused, lonely, etc., but it draws me into Him every time.

Years ago there was a great song from The Waiting called “Too Many Miles.” The end of the chorus says, “Break my leg if You must but keep me close to You.” Sounds kind of drastic, but it’s that important and some of us are that stubborn.

Whether you’re enduring hard situations and difficulties today or you are simply trying to trust God and step out where you know you’re supposed to be, run back (or pull tighter) into grace.

Why is it that we taste of His victory in an area and tend to pull away? Remember that grace isn’t producing personal victories for you, rather you’re living in and from the victory Jesus already purchased. Maintain faith in His sacrifice and righteousness, not yours.

Grace really is sufficient and His power really is perfected in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). He keeps proving it over and over again. Take joy in the fact that no matter your situation, there is grace to cover, grace to abide, and grace to overcome.

Have you prayed those prayers like me then been surprised by how God does it? Do you see a way God is drawing you close today?


  1. Yes, Jason, I truly believe God wants us closer to Him more than we do. We have to trust in His grace to guide us, and we must surrender to His will.
    Glad you’re back blogging!

    • Yes and amen. And thank you, Martha--glad to be back!

  2. Sounds like you’re in the Sweetest of spots. Just goes to show how spiritual we really are. The outside circumstances only have the bearing on our inside as He sees fir.

    It is about His perfect will, not our perfect life.

    Thanks for sharing the wisdom. Very encouraging.

    • Very true. We may have our ideas of a “perfect life” and what that would look like, but Jesus already lived the perfect life and we have access to that through His sacrifice. Oh, the depths of His love! Appreciate it, Floyd.

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