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One of the Best Things

This Wednesday, our oldest son turned sixteen years old. Completely mind-blowing, I know, that people as young and hip as my wife and me could be the parents of a sixteen year old! Those who know better, you can stop your snickering at that last sentence.

Andrea told me she was pregnant on the day of our first wedding anniversary. I came home for dinner and she was wearing the tent-like dress we had previously joked about and set aside to wear to tell me when she was pregnant. I noticed the dress immediately, but my brain couldn’t comprehend it.

She uttered the words, “I’m pregnant,” or “We’re having a baby,” or some variation; and I couldn’t take it in. I was scared. I was nervous. I was excited, but I definitely knew our world would never be the same.

Sixteen plus years later and I was right. Our world never recovered from the devastating effects of loving this child more than we could have possibly imagined. Our personal world would never be the same, but he’s also destined to change the world at large.

I’ve watched him grow in his kindness, compassion, and heart for God. He’s grown in skills from playing instruments/singing to basketball to numerous other things. He’s determined to help whomever whenever even when it’s inconvenient (to himself or the rest of his family). Hard to fault him for it.

It’s been a privilege to be his dad these years. The friendship we’ve started developing as he grows older is only going to deepen in the coming decades. I know God is going to take him places that are unimaginable.

Noah, I’m so proud of you and the man you’re becoming.  Stay confident in who God made you to be and the love He’s developed inside you. There is such a strength in you. It’s bigger than you’ve even realized. You are heading into greater adventures, but remember we’re here supporting and loving you always. I’m so thankful God gave you to us. I haven’t been a perfect dad, but I guess you haven’t been a perfect son, which is not the point anyway. I want you to see the greatness I see in you and the greatness the Father sees in you and run after that with all your heart. Happy birthday, Noah!

This is my testimony this week–sixteen years in the making. I’m a blessed man.

How about you? What or who are you thankful for this week? What’s your testimony?

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  1. Always thankful for my family too! My brother (I’m the oldest of the two) is a strong man in the house. Always caring for his two daughters (and me). I try to help him out, but as my Mom always said “It’s just not enough). She’s right. the debt of love can never really be repaid in full.

    • We live in loving and serving one another, supporting and lifting each other up! That’s a beautiful thing. Thanks so much, Ed.

  2. Happy Birthday, Noah!
    Proud of and thankful for my children and family, too, Jason! You all are so blessed, but I know you know that.

    • Yes, we are so blessed! Many times, we can be tempted to look at hardships, challenges, or struggles… but the reality is in His blessing and that is where our hope lies! Thank you, Martha. 🙂

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