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Picture of the Father Waiting

You’ll have to forgive me for two Friday posts in a row involving swimming, but it’s an Oklahoma summer (exceedingly hot and humid) and swimming happens to occupy quite a bit of any free time.

Earlier in the week I had finished working and went to run some errands. Before I left I told the kids if they’d clean the pool that we’d go swimming when I got back. Well, I got back and no one had done it—they had hardly moved, in fact.

I went to my oldest and asked him to clean the pool while I got dinner in the oven. He said, “yeah, ok.” I left to resume what I was doing and called to the other kids to get ready to swim. No one responded.

This happened a couple more times where I asked my son to clean the pool and tried to rouse the others. They had all been asking all day about swimming, but now seemingly everything else was more important or engrossing.

I finished getting dinner ready and saw no sign of my oldest, but when I went to the pool, I found it definitely had not been cleaned. More than a little ticked, I grabbed the pool net and started to work removing the leaves and debris.

“Fine,” I thought to myself. “If no one wants to listen or move, I’ll just swim by myself.”

So that’s what I did. I jumped in, swam around for a minute, but something strange happened. I found myself watching the door and waiting on my kids. I had intended to enjoy this time with them, but for whatever reason, they were too busy even to get ready for something they had been begging to do.

Almost immediately I thought of our heavenly Father. He invites. He prepares (with a much better attitude than I did surely), then He waits to see who will show up for time with Him, who wants to be near Him.


I was convicted because I know there have been many times He’s waited on me. Sometimes I show up and sometimes He’s waiting in the secret place for a son who never shows up. Other times I’m right on time. Sometimes I show up late and He welcomes me in.

I wish I could say that when my kids did finally show up, I was gracious and said something like, “there you are! I didn’t know if you were going to show up or not,” but I didn’t. I detailed how disappointed I was that they had ignored me and I had to do it all myself. I told them how frustrated I was. I didn’t respond like my Father would have.

All that to say, I’m thankful for a Father who waits.

He desires to be with you. He made a way and continues to prepare a place for you to meet Him. If you get so busy, you forget to show up or show up late. He’s forgiving as we recognize our folly of seeing anything as more important than relationship with Him.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever been aware of the Father waiting for you? What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Ouch. That one hit me dead center. Excellent, excellent analogy, Jason. We’re older, but often not a bit wiser. Thanks for sharing and the painful, yet needed reminder.

    • Yeah, me too, Floyd. It’s humbling and amazing how much He loves us and continually draws us to Himself. And it’s not that He is needy, but He knows how much we need Him. Thank you.

  2. Feeling Floyd’s pain . . . Yes, how many times have I ignored my Father when I could have been enjoying His company? Wise words to ponder here, Jason. Thank you!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Snappy!My Profile

    • Oh man, talk about time wasted… Phew. That’s a scary thought--how much would be gained in peace, joy, maturity by spending that time with our Father? Thanks so much, Martha.

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