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Prayer on Independence Day

Today in the U.S., we celebrate our Independence Day in what are certainly chaotic and turbulent times, but in the midst of all that, I truly believe God has great things in store for us as a nation.

That said though, God is not obligated to bless us. We’re not on a scale weighing out the good deeds and bad. He’s not looking to see if one political party holds majority or greater influence over the other. Blessings, revival, and healing will come as His people pray in faith.

I was reminded of an older song on Sunday that says,

freedom reigns in the place / showers of mercy and grace
falling on every face / there is freedom

This is my cry in this hour.

Lord, let Your freedom reign.

True freedom doesn’t come with the right laws or legal documents (though I appreciate those things). Eternal freedom comes through the power of the blood of Jesus.

While I am so thankful to celebrate this day with the 4 F’s–fun, food, family, and friends–I also want to encourage us to take the opportunity to open our hearts and pray that God touch this nation, not simply for arbitrary prosperity or protection but that generations would rise up together to experience the life-changing power of knowing Jesus.

If you have a few minutes, listen to this song I wrote years ago and let Holy Spirit prompt you to pray (Touch This Nation / Jason Scott).

Touch this nation, touch this people
Let us tremble at Your holy word
Change our nation, hear Your people
Renew us by the power of the blood

Hope you have a wonderful Independence Day and celebration!

What are your thoughts today? Do you have big plans for the 4th?


  1. Love your worship music my brother!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..UNWOUNDEDMy Profile

    • Thank you, Jay! 🙂

  2. Amazing message! Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom! Thank you Jason! May God bless you for sharing these important and heartfelt messages!

    • Appreciate it, Jaylynn! Hope you guys a wonderful 4th!

  3. Such inspiring music, Jason!
    Let us pray 2 Corinthians 7:14 over this country and its people. May God bless us!

    • Thank you so much, Martha!

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