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End of the Real Estate Wringer


Some metaphors hold such powerful imagery that they become idiomatic expressions. “Through the wringer” is one of those. We may not use the actual device any more, but there’s an understanding of a being forced and fed through a thin space that is less than comfortable.

I shared a month ago that our house in Alaska that we had waited two years to sell had finally sold. The financial pressure we had been under was staggering, but we made it!

Since we had believed our house would sell at any time, we almost immediately started looking at houses when we moved to Oklahoma in 2013. We put in offers on several properties, hoping to have found the right one and that we’d be moving soon.

Did I mention our family of six with pets was living in a two-bedroom, windowless apartment at the time? Yep, we spent 10 months there. Though thankful to have a place to stay, we longed for a home.

Once again we cautiously put an offer on a large home to accommodate our big family, and it felt good. It was an older home built by a doctor and had only been owned by them. There were lots of updates to be made–from old wallpaper to shag carpet–and oh yeah, that smell. We figured it had good bones though and there were lots of promising things about it.

Once again, it fell through. Realistically though, if it hadn’t have fallen through for other reasons, it would have probably fallen through because our other house hadn’t sold.

One more offer and fall through after that, we moved to the country to rent a place near a lot of family. It’s a gorgeous spot with rolling hills and country fun. We worked hard and diligently to repair and restore it and wondered about buying it, but as our house sold, we began to understand that what we could offer the owners was not going to be enough for them so we began looking again.

Did I say “through the wringer?” I meant it.

We looked at a whole new crop of houses in various places, but nothing seemed quite right for different reasons. Somewhere in the process, our sweet, patient real estate agent (who’s stayed with us these two years) told us the big house built by the doctor was on the market again.

Initially we said we weren’t interested. Before, we had tried to negotiate with a sibling group handing family affairs and trying to reach a decision. It was quite the process so we didn’t want that hassle again. But we then found out someone had bought the house with intent to occupy it, but couldn’t.

They made 90% of the updates and upgrades we had thought of and it was still right in our price range! Hesitantly we went to look again and I honestly wasn’t expecting too much. I didn’t expect to love or hate it or anything. I just tried to keep an open mind.

So much of what we loved about the house and its character remained intact and the updates were nicely done. We thought it over, prayed, put it an offer, negotiated a bit, secured financing, and we are supposed to close around October 1!

I’m amazed at God’s great faithfulness again. He preserves, protects, and gives so graciously to us. I’m blown away that God brought us around to see how far this property needed to go, gave us a vision for it, then allowed someone else to accomplish it so we could live there!

If you stuck with me this far, thank you! I just want to reiterate God is so good!

I will give You thanks forever, because You have done it,
And I will wait on Your name, for it is good, in the presence of Your godly ones. –Psalm 52:9

How about you? What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Thankful for the wisdom God gives in unexpected ways. Thankful that he loves my kids even more than I do. Thankful that he doesn’t leave me stuck but always gives more than abundantly in my need. Thankful for his peace, power & presence.
    Kari Scare recently posted..Happy Birthday to MeMy Profile

    • Amen! So thankful… Thanks Kari.

  2. I haven’t obviously been with you, but I’ve been apprised since your move from Alaska, whispered some prayers for you and yours and God’s blessings in the process.

    It’s all about His timing which is rarely in step with ours. I appreciate your obedience and perseverance in your time being squeezed through that wringer. How much more you and your entire family will appreciate this home as opposed to it being dumped in your lap with little effort and prayers only God knows. Peculiar how the sweetest things in life are set up by being squeezed through the wringer.

    I’m thrilled for you and your family! Praying for you guys.
    floyd recently posted..CHECKLISTSMy Profile

    • So true! God gives us a promised land, but we have to fight to take it and it’s by His design. It’s all grace. I’m so thankful. And I’m thankful for you, Floyd! Thanks for those prayers. They mean so much more than you know. 🙂

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