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What is God’s Reason for Your Freedom?

Let everyone give all their praise and thanks to the Lord!
Here’s why—he’s better than anyone could ever imagine.
Yes, he’s always loving and kind, and his faithful love never ends.
So, go ahead—let everyone know it!
Tell the world how he broke through
and delivered you from the power of darkness and
has gathered us together from all over the world.
He has set us free to be his very own! —Psalm 107:1-3

Visiting family from out-of-town, end of summer, and taking our oldest son to college (along with processing all the emotions that came with that) forced an impromptu (long) break, but I’ve been wanting to write for weeks now about these amazing life-giving truths.

I love these verses. I hope you can take just a minute to go back and read them again. Let them sink into your mind, soul, and spirit. I’ve been meditating on them for weeks, and it stirs such excitement and passion in me.

Our God is better than anyone could imagine. We get to tell the world how His love broke through every sin, every failure, all darkness, all powers; and He brought us to together. But why?

He has set us free to be his very own…

He didn’t set you free because He thought you’d be useful to His organization. He didn’t see a person with passion and zeal that He could run into the ground. God’s not looking for the the next great preacher, teacher, businessman, or anything else.

Your abilities, skills, or resources (or lack thereof) played no part in His setting you free.

He also didn’t set you free because He simply pitied you. You looked so desperate and lacking like a malnourished puppy in the rain that He couldn’t take it any longer and had to do something.

Yes, He knew you were unable to rise up from where you were, but this wasn’t the pivotal criterion that caused Him to act. Sometimes you may also tempted to think He rescued you out of pity then put you on a good road and tell you to “do better.”

No. He has set you free to be his very own.

He chose to set you free so that you could be His. He wanted you for Himself. You were unable to even choose righteousness. You couldn’t choose Him so He chose you.

Once you understand this is the complete reason He set you free, you’ll live from the reality of His love, His faithfulness, His peace, His joy.

What you do for Him is meant to flow out of who you are to Him.

That’s living within the grace of eternity. That brings the perspective that leads to abundant life.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you live in this reality?


  1. What a great word. Definitely in need of His grace to walk freely, but knowing that it wasn’t out of pity but of what He truly wants me to fulfill in the freedom He’s afforded me, makes me want to press towards it even more.
    Philip recently posted..Inspiration at the Tri Cycle Farms JamboreeMy Profile

    • Thank you, Philip! 🙂

  2. Amen, Jason, and great to see you back to blogging!
    Yes, God loves us simply because we exist. We should shout and sing His praises each and every day for everything He has done for us.
    Blessings, my friend!

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