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Salvation is Closer than You Think

Here is one of my favorite verses about giving thanks. It’s Psalm 50:23,

But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me.
If you keep to my path, I will reveal to you the salvation of God.

What a promise! Your end of the bargain is to give thanks which honors Him; then you stay on His path to step into His salvation. Because of Jesus’ blood, you can expect the goodness of God to rush into your life through His healing, wholeness, salvation, deliverance, and whatever else He wants to show you.

That is more than enough reasons to give thanks with a passionate cry and honest worship. No matter the circumstances or what we face, He is a great God and He is showing His salvation as we honor Him with our thanksgiving.

The great American thinker, Eric Hoffer, said, “The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” There will always be something negative in your life on which you could choose to fixate, but you can train (or retrain) yourself to live differently.

To bemoan the bad doesn’t take any faith, but to give thanks honors God for the blessings He’s secured–whether you’re currently experiencing them or not.

As you go to work, gather with family and/or friends, eat your meals, and enjoy whatever else God has graciously given–tune your heart to gratitude and thanks, knowing that He loves us so much.

Notice too the Psalm let’s us know this wondrous salvation is not somewhere far off. It’s not at the end of an epic quest or mind-bending riddle. He says He’ll reveal His salvation to the one who stays on His path. That means salvation’s already right there with you because, of course, He is salvation!

He is a wonderful Father.

The more you walk with Him, the more He shows you. Thanks and praise keeps you on the path so that you are in position to see His salvation.

I would like to challenge you for the next week to express something you’re thankful for every day. Write it in a journal. Share it at the dinner table. Share it on social media. Take a moment to delight in His goodness and see a little more salvation rush into your situation.

What are your thoughts? Will you accept the challenge? Is gratitude easier or harder for you?


  1. Being thankful is something that alot of people myself included have trouble with. This is a very important message! Thank you Jason! God bless!

    • It stares us in the face and we can miss His blessings (and the blessing of being thankful). Thanks Jaylynn!

  2. I keep a daily gratitude journal in which I write down seven things/people I’m thankful for each day. It has been such a blessing to me in my walk with the Lord, and I recommend this practice to everyone, but especially those who struggle with being grateful.
    Blessings, Jason!

    • That’s such a great idea! That kind of discipline produces great fruit. Awesome. Thanks Martha!

  3. Great verse!!! I too thank Him daily for HIs grace and mercies, but this inspires me to continue and to even more mindful of His blessings.

    Thanks, Jason.

    • Yeah! That’s what I want for me and all of us. It’s a beautiful way to live! Thanks so much, Floyd.

  4. To bemoan the bad doesn’t take any faith, is that ever true. Thanking Him when all looks hopeless is one of the best testimonies one can give.

  5. Right on with the Truth! Gotta say I don’t do enough thanking as I should. But I do know that even the smallest of blessings are usually the biggest ones we have.

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