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Screw-ups, Failures, and Perfect God

As you head into a new year, you may be feeling on top of the world or you may feel the world is caving in on you. Maybe you feel invincible or like a horrible failure. The good thing about entering a new year is a chance to make a change in thinking and/or action.

You’re not trapped. You’re not defeated, and what you did or didn’t do doesn’t define you. I reread this short post from 2011 and felt like it said what I wanted to say. It’s a new year, but thankfully our God doesn’t change.

I have screwed things up.

I have had outbursts of anger.

I have entertained lusts.

I have set a bad example.

I have gossiped (even disguised as a prayer request).

I have held onto unforgiveness.

I could keep going, but suffice to say, I have failed.

I’m willing to bet the farm that you’ve failed too, but our response to those moments can have lasting effects on our lives if we don’t see things properly.

Here’s what I want you to remember: your failure does not determine who God is.

He’s not gracious when you’re doing well and vengeful when you fall down. He is above all of it and offers to lift us up with Him. No matter how deep the sin or dire the consequences, our failures cannot change who He is. That’s not to say we don’t embrace true repentance and godly sorrow, but we live focused on His power and grace instead of our shortcomings.

We can fall under the deception that somehow we have lessened God, given Him a black eye, taken away from His glory, or diminished His love. It cannot be done. He is who He has revealed Himself to be and cannot be changed.

He has infinite love.

He has abounding grace.

He has unfailing compassion.

He has plans for redemption.

He has a heart of restoration.

In the face of all sin and death, every scheme and curse, He has overcome.

Nothing is beyond His reach or ability to bring life from death. He aims to restore all things and He is exceedingly good at what He does.

We all fallen short of the glory to different degrees (by man’s standards), but are you willing to take a greater view with me today of God and His grace? What do you think?


  1. I think, lets go for it. Nothing deepen our understanding of God then we we see His grace working in our life.

    • Absolutely right! Thank you, Betty.

  2. If i don’t take a greater view I am dead in the water.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted..NOW!!!My Profile

    • My thought exactly. So many just don’t see it. I have trouble at times myself. Thanks Bill.

  3. Awesome post and truth, Jason. We all screw up, it comes with this flesh. His redemption is so underrated!!!

    • I know! How can we fathom such a deep love and perfect redemption. We just can’t, but we can lean into Him and try. Thank you, Floyd.

  4. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God, but you are so right -- nothing we could ever do will change who God is. I thank Him for his wondrous love and redeeming grace!
    Blessings in 2014, Jason!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Merry Christmas to All!My Profile

    • Thank you and same to you, Martha. 🙂

  5. Oh yea, I’ve failed.
    I need His grace. I’m so thankful for who He is. He is love. And His love never fails.

    Great post. Thank you for sharing.

    • I can’t even begin to fathom His grace or my need for it, but I am so thankful for His infinite supply. Thanks TC.

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